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How to link a bank card to a Yandex.Money wallet

Как привязать банковскую карту к кошельку Яндекс.Деньги

More and more modern people are using e-wallets. Their use makes it possible to make a payment at any time convenient for the user. At this stage, Yandex.Money is considered one of the most popular payment systems. To carry out an operation in it, you need to link a credit card to the participants virtual wallet. Despite the simplicity of this process, many beginners get lost and dont know how to carry out this procedure. So, how to link a bank card to Yandex.Money?


What are the benefits of this procedure?

First of all, it should be noted that the binding procedure is completely free. But in fact, the user can not only make various payments, but also pay for the purchase of goods and the consumption of services. Again, payment by card does not imply a commission.

In the payment system, you can use a card issued by financial institutions in Russia, Israel or any of the CIS countries. The system does not accept banking products from other countries. A user in his account can link a bank card to Yandex.Money in a single copy. That is, the system works with only one card, it is impossible to use several from different financial institutions at once at this stage. Linking your card makes it very easy to top up your virtual wallet. Moreover, a pleasant bonus from the system was the absence of commissions for this operation. Another advantage is the ability to pay for purchases online almost instantly.


Which card is suitable for binding

First, you need to keep in mind that not every resource accepts payments from the card linked to the account. In addition, before linking a bank card to Yandex.Money, you should make sure that it meets certain parameters. So, in this procedure, you can use a card with the following characteristics:

The card must bear the Visa or MasterCard logo and comply with the standards of these world famous brands.
The banking instrument must contain information about its number, expiration date and CVV / CVC code.
It must have a connection to the Internet and SMS banking services, and also support the acquiring function. If the user does not know whether the corresponding services are connected, then it is advisable to first find out the necessary information from the employee of the bank that issued the card.

How the binding process works

To link a card to Yandex.Money, you need to log into your account in the payment system. To do this, the participant should enter into a special window the login that was assigned to him during the registration process. Then the system will require the user to confirm the prompt receipt of data on transactions carried out with the card. After that, you should click on the link "link a card". As soon as the participant activates it, he will have access to the page on which, in fact, the linking is carried out.

The user will be required to enter the payment password in a special window. And before linking a bank card to Yandex.Money, he must indicate the following details:

Credit card number, which is sixteen digits long. It can be found on the front of the card. Moreover, the number should be entered without spaces.
Name and surname of the cardholder. It is very important to reflect this data exactly as it is written on the credit card. After all, not every user knows how to correctly write his data in the English register.
The date the credit card expires.
CVV / CVC code. Its value can be seen on the back of the bank card. But only the last three characters are considered code.
Further, in order to link the card to Yandex.Money, you should block a small amount on it. To complete the procedure, the user is sent to the next page, where the selected amount should be entered in a special window. With these actual actions, the system participant confirms the binding, and the process is considered complete.


Important nuances

In some cases, participants are limited in using the linked card to transfer funds to their partners wallets. Such restrictions are related to the banks security requirements. So, if the user, after entering the data, enters the website of a financial institution, then the operation is possible only with 3D Secure. In this case, the bank provides its client with a password, which he should enter in a special window to confirm the payment.

Sometimes the binding process is interrupted for reasons independent of the user. But you should not worry in this situation, the process can be resumed quite easily. To do this, you must re-enter your account. On the left edge is a section titled "Incomplete Processes". After activating it, the user will be able to continue the binding procedure.