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How do I accept payments on my website?

When developing an online store or other resource that accepts funds from users, special attention is paid to the choice of a tool for making transactions. Despite the variety of options and ease of customization, users often do not know how to accept payments on the site, and what are the features of each option.

How can you accept payments through the site?

Today there are several options for organizing payments online:

Direct acceptance of payments using the acquiring bank.
Application of a payment system (electronic wallet).
Work using the functionality of an intermediary tool (aggregator).
How to accept payments through the website to get the most benefit? It all depends on a number of features - the direction of the business and its scale. If the company is large, and its turnover amounts to hundreds of thousands of rubles per month, then the option with an acquiring bank is more preferable. The costs made at the initial stage will be recouped in 6-8 months of work.

For companies that are just developing and are at the stage of attracting customers, the option with an intermediary, a payment aggregator, is more suitable. The advantages of this option are obvious - ease of setup, the ability to "link" several payment methods, minimum commission and small start-up costs.

How to accept payments on the site using Internet acquiring?

Lets look at how to accept payments on a website without an individual entrepreneur using the functionality of banking institutions. The first thing to start with is to find a decent banking institution with which it is most profitable to work. The selection criteria are as follows:

The amount of commission payments. It is no secret that each financial and credit organization has an individual commission size. Often we are talking about a percentage of each transaction carried out. In this case, it is recommended to find out the bank conditions in advance. The best option is when the commission does not exceed three percent.
Connection costs. Some banks require a connection fee. If you spend a little time, then it will not be difficult to find an institution without such a fee.
The presence of a processing center. In practice, the services of a bank with such an “option” are cheaper than those of competitors. Therefore, it will be more profitable for an individual or entrepreneur to accept payments on the site.
Types of cards used. Most banking institutions work with two types of "plastic" - MasterCard and Visa. As for accepting additional card options, this is not necessary.
Security requirement. When choosing a credit and financial institution, pay attention to the availability of a requirement for collateral in the form of a deposit. The absence of such a requirement is a plus for the client, because there is no need to keep a large amount in the account. It can be spent on business development.
Technical support. It will inevitably take time to understand how to accept payments on the site. For this reason, it is important to have technical support from bank employees. If the latter has specialists who are ready to assist in the design of the service within 24 hours, this is only a plus.
After studying the described criteria, you can make the final choice of the bank. Next, the following steps are taken:

An application is submitted for connection to the selected institution.
The required package of documents is transferred (individual for each banking institution).
The applicant is being checked (more precisely, his resource). Here, attention is paid to compliance with applicable requirements.
In the absence of comments, an explanation is provided on how to accept payments through the site, and the system is integrated.
It should be noted that the considered option is safe from the standpoint of legislation and the tax system.

How to accept payments on the site using an electronic wallet?

Many internet entrepreneurs believe that a convenient way to “monetize” a site is to use an e-wallet. But this is only at first glance. With the advent of the law on payment systems, in order to use the electronic system in the business sphere, you have to start a corporate wallet. This means that an individual will no longer be able to accept payments on the site - he will have to indicate the company details, and then bind the newly created wallet to the current account.

But this is not all the difficulty. To fully work with the payment system, you will have to conclude a bilateral agreement, drawn up taking into account the requirements of the law. There are two popular options here:

The first category is Qiwi, Yandex.Money or PayPal. Here it is hardly possible to do without formalizing an agreement.
The second category is WebMoney. The advantage of this method is that you do not have to register. At the same time, there is no violation of the law by the entrepreneur.
After choosing a payment system, you should be ready to check the site. In this case, the main list of requirements is as follows:

The presence of a "high" domain - 1st or 2nd level.
Compliance of the contacts written on the site with those that exist in reality.
Placement on a paid service.
Once the check has been completed, you can proceed to the design of the document and directly to work with the tool. As for the question of how to accept payments on a website without an individual entrepreneur, you will have to break your head over this. In the option with payment systems, you cannot do without creating a company.

It is worth remembering one more nuance regarding the restrictions in the payout sector. The following rules apply here:

Settlements between companies are prohibited.
Only individuals can act as payers.
The lower limit of the account balance is 600,000 rubles.
Thus, if you use a personal wallet for solving business problems, then this can lead to problems with the law.

Payment aggregators - a convenient way to receive payments through the site

Recently, the question of how to accept payments on the site has been solved by using intermediary aggregators. The operation algorithm of such systems can be expressed as follows:

The site user enters the required information, namely nickname, full name, mailbox and other data.
After entering the data, the client is transferred to the payment page in the selected system.
A letter is sent to the owner of the object of purchase, where information about payments is registered and the correctness of the deposit of funds is checked.
The visitor is redirected to a special page to download the file of interest or get another service.
It is the easiest way to accept payments through the site in this way, because a minimum of actions are required from the site owner and the buyer. It should be noted that the algorithm may vary depending on the type of aggregator. The most famous options include.

Interkassa is a service that is distinguished by its reliability and wide functionality. It is perfect for attaching it to a regular auction or online store. The service fee is 3-5 percent. To start working with the system, you just need to go through the registration procedure and send the name of the resource for moderation. In practice, the question of how to accept payments on a website without an individual entrepreneur using Interkassa does not cause problems - there is enough information on the network and on the website itself.
CyberPlat® is a payment system, for work with which it is enough to register, enter information in the papers and send them to CyberPlat® employees. In response, the site owner receives data to "tie" the system to the site. Pros - reliability, ease of use, convenience.
In addition to the options described above, an individual can accept payments on the website using the Qiwi system, Robokassa, RBK Money and other systems.