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How to top up Yandex.Money in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan?

The popular Russian payment system Yandex.Money has been operating on the international market for several years. Until 2011, its clients were exclusively residents of the Russian Federation. At the moment, the possibilities of poison are actively used by residents of the neighboring countries, including Ukrainians, Belarusians and Kazakhs. But the operation of the payment system on the territory of these countries has some peculiarities. First of all, we are talking about the replenishment of the virtual wallet by users, citizens of the above countries.

Methods for replenishing Yandex.Money for residents of Ukraine

 Despite the popularity of electronic payments, not all users know how to replenish Yandex.Money in Ukraine. There are several options for depositing money to the virtual wallet of this system:

    Through a bank card.
    Transfer to the Yandex.Money card.
    Through other payment systems.
    Exchange resource services.

These methods are absolutely legal and allow you to transfer the required amount on the purse in a short time. Let is consider them in more detail. One of the easiest options to replenish Yandex.Money in Ukraine is a transfer via a bank card. There are several ways to make a payment and the client chooses the most convenient one:

    Transfer from a card of any banking institution, on the front side of which there is a Visa or MasterCard logo. To complete the transfer, the user needs to contact the cashier of the credit institution.
    Through the Alfa-Click system available to Alfa-Bank customers.
    With the help of Internet banking of any financial institution. You just need to indicate the details to which the money should be transferred.

    Transfer from a bank account.

To top up from a bank card, you need to do the following:

    Log in to your account in the Yandex.Money system.
    Click on the button labeled "top up".
    In the section "from a bank credit card" select the "Visa or MasterCard" column.
    Fill in the form that opens, indicate the amount of the transfer, as well as the details of the card from which the money will be transferred (its number, expiration date, owner data, CV code).
    Click on the "continue" button and complete the transfer using the system prompts.

Many users who are faced with the question of how to replenish a Yandex wallet in Ukraine choose a universal option to transfer directly to a card issued by this system. In the future, the client can transfer money to it from his credit card, through postal order or use the services of other payment systems. In any case, first you need to order a poison card. To do this, you need to enter your personal account in the system and click on the account balance. A window with a list will appear, in which you should select the third item "Issue MasterCard Poison".

The page will refresh and a message will appear, according to which the card is issued free of charge, but its maintenance and delivery to the client costs a certain amount of money. For users from Ukraine, the cost will be 349 rubles. If such conditions suit the client, click on the button responsible for issuing the card. A new window will open in which the user should indicate his passport details. After receiving the Yandex.Money card, the client can replenish it through the online banking system or at any bank branch.

To replenish a Yandex card through the Internet banking system, you need to do the following:

    Sign in to an account with a financial institution.
    Go to the "all services" section, and then to the "Visa or MasterCard" tab.
    Indicate the number of the card from which the money will be transferred.
    Specify the amount and currency.
    Click on the "Continue" button, after which the transfer goes to the basket. To confirm the transaction, you will need to enter a one-time password, which will be sent to the clients mobile phone.

It is quite obvious that there are no problems with where you can replenish Yandex.Money in Ukraine.

How and where can I top up Yandex.Money in Belarus?

 Residents of the post-Soviet space are quite active in using electronic payment systems. Still, the question of how to replenish a Yandex wallet in Belarus does not lose its relevance. The most popular way is to use Anelik money transfer systems, as well as CONTACT. To carry out a translation, you should contact any branch of these systems Then you need to fill out a special form, indicating in it the details of the purse in the Yandex.Money system. At the same time, the commission for replenishing a Yandex wallet in Belarus in this way ranges from 1.5 to 2%.

You can also deposit cash through the terminals of the "PayNet" system. To complete the translation, the user will need to perform a number of simple steps:

    Select the Yandex.Money system on the terminal screen.
    Designate the details of the Yandex.Money purse.
    Specify the amount of the transfer.
    Put the required amount in a special window.

The transfer through the terminal is performed instantly, and the commission for the transfer of money is not charged. But the user will still receive a slightly lower amount due to currency conversion. After all, Yandex.Money works exclusively with Russian rubles, and when you deposit any other currency, it is automatically exchanged.

Before replenishing Yandex.Money via a bank card in Belarus, it is recommended to activate the "3D-Secure" service, which protects payments made via the global network. It should also be borne in mind that the card must be linked to the users account in the Yandex.Money system. This option is very convenient due to its simplicity and lack of commission. But the commission can be charged by the bank through which the transfer is made. If the client has a current account in hard currency, he can also use it to replenish a virtual wallet in the Yandex.Money system. To do this, you need to enter the personal account of the payment system and go to the tab "replenishment from any bank account". A form will open in which the user needs to enter the required data. The period for crediting money varies from two to five days. In addition, you can make an instant transfer at a bank branch. The commission for this operation is 2% of the payment amount, and the money is received within two hours.

But most often, users are interested in how to put money on Yandex.Money via Internet banking. This is a very convenient way to make a transfer at any time of the day without leaving your home or office. To do this, you will need to register in the Alfa-Click system on the official website of Alfa-Bank. In the future, the client needs to log in before performing the transaction and fill out the template. No commission is charged for transferring money in the Alpha-Click system. It should be noted that this is the most convenient and fastest method for today, since there are no difficulties with how to put money on Yandex.Money in Belarus through Internet banking.

How to replenish a Yandex.Money wallet for residents of Kazakhstan?

 Currently, Kazakhs are actively exploring the electronic payments market. Therefore, there are several quite legal options for how to replenish a Yandex wallet in Kazakhstan. The easiest way is to use exchange services and, as an option, use the popular Baksman exchange resource. To make a transfer through it, you will need to go through the registration procedure. The user needs to designate his email and come up with a password. After that, he will be able to carry out transactions without restrictions. To replenish Yandex-wallet in Kazakhstan, you need to enter the transfer details in the application form, indicating the bank card number, virtual wallet, and the payment amount. To complete the operation, you will need to specify a one-time password in a special form, which will be communicated to your mobile phone. This operation takes only a few minutes.

Unfortunately, no commission-free replenishment of Yandex.Money is currently available in Kazakhstan. Each of the options involves certain costs. But from a security point of view, the most appropriate way is to use the official tools that the Yandex.Money system offers. To transfer money, you must select the "top up" section on the main page. After its activation, a table with various replenishment options will appear. The user needs to choose the method associated with the transfer of cash from a bank card. After switching to the designated tab, a form will appear in which you should indicate the payment amount, credit card number and personal data of the payer.

The completed application is being checked, upon which the system operators will provide the user with further instructions or refuse to execute it. The commission for replenishing a Yandex wallet in Kazakhstan using this method is 59 rubles. You also need to take into account that most banks, in turn, charge a commission for making a transfer.

Relatively recently, another option has appeared that allows you to solve the problem of how to replenish Yandex.Money through a bank card in Kazakhstan. You can make a transfer through ATMs of Alliance-Bank, which are installed in all major cities. Also, customers of a credit institution can use Internet banking services. It should be noted that you can use a card of any bank to replenish the Yandex.Money purse. But for clients of Alliance Bank, this operation costs 2% of the payment amount, while for other credit institutions - from 3%.