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Top up Yandex.Money via Qiwi wallet

Yandex.Money and Qiwi payment systems are the most popular among Russian Internet users. Although, the area of their action also includes most of the countries of the post-Soviet space. It is not surprising that in the Russian-speaking segment of the web, the question often arises of how to replenish Yandex wallet through a Qiwi wallet? Different ways to do this differ in the size of the commission and the speed of money transfer. Lets get to know them in more detail.

Familiar ways

 Since 2011, when the companies Qiwi and Yandex stopped cooperation, it was possible to transfer money between the wallets of the systems only with the help of third services. Therefore, the following methods of replenishing wallets have become the most popular among users:

    With the help of exchange services. The most popular and reliable site for monitoring such resources today is bestchange.ru. Before replenishing a Yandex wallet through a Qiwi wallet, you need to choose a service with the most favorable conversion conditions from the list of exchangers offered. In this case, funds are credited within a few minutes. From the exchangers themselves, one should pay attention to the Baksman resource, which has justly earned an unblemished business reputation.
    Through intermediary services such as WebMoney. To do this, you need to transfer money from the Qiwi wallet to a WM account. Moreover, both of these resources must be bound to each other. After the money has been credited, you will need to link Yandex.Money to the WM purse and make another transfer. From one service to another, and then, to Yandex, money is transferred quite quickly. Since when replenishing an account with Yandex.Money via a Qiwi wallet using a similar method, both services charge a fairly large commission, recently this method has practically not been used.

New opportunities

 In the spring of 2016, the leaders of Qiwi and Yandex agreed to resume cooperation, which was interrupted in 2011, when Qiwi decided to develop a new product - the Qiwi-Wallet. Then WebMoney, RBKMoney and some other different services of the Russian segment of the Internet were banned from replenishing the purses of other EPS.

And if for several years such an operation as replenishing an account in Yandex.Money through Qiwi could not be performed without intermediaries, now, at last, it is possible to do it directly.

    In any Qiwi terminal, you can top up your Yandex account with cash or from a Qiwi account. To do this, in the "Recipient" section, you must stop the selection on Yandex.Money and indicate the wallet number or the mobile phone number associated with it. The next step is to choose the desired method - in cash or from an account in the Qiwi system. Then you need to agree to make a money transfer indicating the amount of the transaction, or you need to deposit cash. Funds are usually credited instantly, and the commission is 2-5% of the transfer amount.
    Since it is not always possible to search for a Qiwi terminal, you can replenish your Yandex.Money account through a Qiwi wallet on the official website Qiwi.com. To do this, in the top menu, select the "Pay" section, find "Yandex.Money payment system" in the search, and specify the payment method - through the Qiwi wallet. In the form that opens, you will need to indicate the number of the Yandex account or the mobile phone linked to it, specify the amount of the transfer and click the "Pay" button. If desired, the translation can be accompanied by a commentary. Information on the amount of the commission and the maximum transfer amount will be indicated on the page next to it. Today these figures are 3% and 250 thousand rubles, respectively.


It should be noted that you can not only replenish an account in the Yandex payment system from a Qiwi wallet, but also perform the reverse operation - top up a Qiwi wallet through a Yandex wallet.