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How do I use a Bitcoin wallet? Part I

What is a Bitcoin wallet? Several explanations can be given, but the main purpose of a purse is to store some kind of currency, in our case, cryptocurrency. To some extent, this is an analogue of WebMoney and Qiwi wallets. From it, you can manage Bitcoins, transfer them to other users, in some countries, pay for purchases directly.

Bitcoin wallet is two very large numbers, among which:

    Public key, for example, 1BVbNgeAsEqhM3MVSemafhXhpCoRWoCEPR;
    A private key or identifier that looks something like d3c8d98b-b555-4b20-9bee-3a698b23bd29.

 To understand how to use a Bitcoin wallet, you should remember a simple rule: the public key obtained during registration can be transferred to users of all systems, it can be left in the public domain. The private key is used to access the system, the loss of the "link" leads to a complete loss of access to the cryptocurrency storage and the savings accumulated on it.

 There is no sense in fear of "hacking" your personal wallet. The system is designed in such a way that there is currently no equipment required to select a unique character set. All a user needs to know to ensure the safety of their own savings is how to make a Bitcoin wallet and where to store the keys so that fraudsters do not take possession of them.

Where and how to make a Bitcoin wallet?

 Each user can create their own wallet. Today, miners are offered several options:

    For personal computers.
    For mobile phones.
    Online and hardware wallets.

 Each method has certain advantages. For example, for those who constantly travel and pay with cryptocurrency, an online or mobile wallet is more suitable, but for those who are seriously engaged in cryptocurrency mining, it is better to protect themselves to the maximum by installing software on their home computer. It turns out that in order to understand how to work with a Bitcoin wallet, you need to initially define the tasks that it will perform. The most reliable is the official script - software that can be downloaded and installed from the Bitcoin.org website.

How to make a Bitcoin wallet at home?

 Bitcoin Qt is the official software that provides the user with access to manage cryptocurrency from a home computer. Getting started with the "father" of all wallets is quite simple:

    We go to the Bitcoin.org website.
    In the upper panel, select the section "Introduction" and the sub-item "Getting started".
    On the page that opens, there is a lot of information: you can find out what a Bitcoin wallet is, where you can spend cryptocurrency and other specific features. We are interested in the section "Choose your wallet".
    Next, select the script for the Bitcoin Core computer and start the installation.

 There are no special difficulties in the installation process. But the user must prepare for this process at the initial stage. The fact is that along with many advantages, including maximum security and confidentiality, the official software has a significant drawback - it takes up too much space. A minimum of 12 gigabytes of space is required on the C drive or other root drive.

 Many people only know in theory how to make a Bitcoin wallet, but when they come across this in practice, they find that downloading the program itself takes a few seconds, but unpacking and installing can take more than a day. The process is affected by the speed of the Internet. A list of all transactions (blockchain) made over the 7 years of the existence of the cryptocurrency is uploaded to the computer of the novice miner. Of course, the volume is growing every day. The user who installs the original software is involved in ensuring the integrity of the system.

How to work with a Bitcoin wallet online?

 Installing a script on a computer is good and safe, but how to use a Bitcoin wallet if the user is far from home? This is where online services come to the rescue. Main advantages:

    Accessibility anywhere in the world with the Internet.
    The ability to use a wallet to store multiple cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoins.
    Registration takes a few seconds, absolutely does not take up space on the working disks of your home computer or mobile device.
    In most cases, online services offer an internal exchange of cryptocurrencies for others at a fairly attractive rate.

How safe is it to work with a Bitcoin wallet and how to choose the right service? Xapo and Blockchain are considered to be the most reliable and high-quality online services. Registration on the sites is simple and takes a few seconds. The user needs:

    Go to Blockchain.info or Xapo.com.
    We select the section "Wallet" in the first case and "Wallet" in the second and follow the instructions.

 The user is required to enter an email address and come up with a password. No more information. This is the key advantage of cryptocurrency - complete confidentiality. The user can start mining Bitcoins or altcoins without identification and other proof of identity. Both residents of Russia and other countries of the world can use the Bitcoin wallet. The only difference is that in Russia it is forbidden to accept payment in cryptocurrency, therefore, you can spend the money earned only after converting it into real money. This can be done using popular exchangers, as an option, a relatively new, but well-proven resource baksman.org

 The bulk of online wallets do not take a commission for the provision of services. Xapo even pays extra to users - a bonus is given when registering on the site in Satoshi, in addition, the service cooperates with several sites that distribute Satoshi for entering captcha, where wallet owners are entitled to an additional bonus when withdrawing funds.

How to make a Bitcoin wallet mobile?

 How to make a Bitcoin wallet mobile, that is, available anywhere in the world? There are two ways to solve this problem - using a hardware wallet or a mobile wallet. The advantages and features of each of the methods:

    The hardware wallet is available from Trezor and others. The entire blockchain is stored on a special device connected to a computer via a USB input. A flash drive is in many ways safer and less vulnerable than official software. But the loss of the device will lead to the loss of access. The cost of such a device in some cases reaches $ 100, which is a completely unaffordable amount for beginners.

    How to work with a Bitcoin wallet designed for mobile devices? You need to download an application tailored to the operating system of the users mobile phone or tablet. Xapo, Blockchain and the original Bitcoin wallet script work with Android. For iOS, blockchain also provides software, as do BreadWallet, Circle, and others. Installing the application is extremely simple - you should download the script from the official website of online wallets. The entire blockchain is not downloaded to mobile devices.

 Whichever option you choose - try to use only original programs for downloading and installing. Dont trust new and unfamiliar sites. Now you know what a Bitcoin wallet is, where you can download it and how to install it.