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How electronic money appeared

Как появились электронные деньги

Electronic payment systems, along with electronic money, are the result of the penetration of the world wide web into all aspects of human life. However, not all even active Internet users have an idea of how electronic money appeared. Many do not even suspect that they are one of the mainstays of economic development in many countries.

Various kinds of payment systems have already firmly entered certain spheres of life and it is difficult to imagine how the life of an average man in the street would proceed without electronic currencies and the ability to pay for goods and services in a comfortable home environment or a mobile phone and other fashionable gadgets at a convenient time.

Over the past years, there has been an increase in the volume of digital money circulation. More and more users are beginning to trust them. In this regard, we can say with confidence that in the coming decades, it will be possible to see the prevalence of electronic currencies over ordinary banknotes. Virtual banknotes and title signs are slowly but surely replacing fiduciary counterparts from the global market.

The emergence of electronic money can be associated with the emergence of humanity to a new level of development in the digital world. Thanks to electronic finance, people are freed from the constant need to carry paper money with them. Nowadays it is enough for a person to have a plastic card tied to one of the payment systems to get all the pleasures of life.

The forefather of electronic finance can be considered money transfers at telegraph offices. At one time, they were also a revolutionary invention that allowed people to gain some kind of financial freedom. However, in this case, a reasonable question arises - "Where did electronic money appear?"

Like many elements of our life, the first telegraphic telegraphic translation was carried out in the United States of America. The author was the Central Bank. Soon, this method of monetary circulation firmly entered the life of first Americans, and then the whole world. Naturally, the technology could not stamp on one place, and after a while the transformation of the usual variety into an electronic telegraph took place. In this regard, the emergence of electronic money is associated with this technology.

The technology of remote financial exchange continued to develop and in 1972 it reached a new level. In the United States, a department for the organization of electronic money circulation was formed. Naturally, this was the cradle of the current electronic payment system. But we can say with confidence that this year is considered the starting point of a new era of financial mutual settlements in the history of mankind.

However, despite all the transmission technologies, where did electronic money appear if not on the Internet? It was the development and widespread distribution of the web across the entire surface of the planet that brought electronic finance to its current state. It became possible to carry out any financial transaction with only a computer and a plastic card. New opportunities have become available to almost everyone.


The origins of electronic finance

As already mentioned, the Internet has opened up new opportunities for humanity. However, how did electronic money appear on the World Wide Web itself? The answer will not be difficult. Everything obeys one of the basic laws of the market - demand generates supply. At the stage of insufficient development of electronic payment systems, people had to work with plastic cards. Operations with cards were dependent on many factors. It was not always convenient and reliable. Payment security was still in its infancy. This led to constant theft by fraudsters. However, there were no other options.

A similar situation in the financial sphere of the World Wide Web was unpleasant and dangerous both for users and directly for developers and corporations working on the Internet. That is why the very fact that the emergence of electronic money did happen is not surprising. By this time, the Internet and the banking system had been going on for decades.

The increased level of protection for savings and transactions immediately attracted users. A lot of people quickly adopted this financial instrument and began to widely use it to serve their needs. It should be noted that the use of bank cards is still practiced online. The percentage just dropped.

The emergence of electronic finance in Russia

Against the background of the development of the financial system, it will be interesting to know where and when electronic money appeared in Russia.

Money transfer systems in the segment of the Russian-speaking Internet have developed relatively recently. As you can imagine, the founder is the largest provider of such online services - WebMoney. It is this company that continues to maintain the highest level of online financial transactions today. The system has many advantages over its competitors. For example, the protection of users from fraudsters and theft is built at the highest level, consisting of several stages of user identification and the use of additional protection methods when making a transaction in any direction. For maximum convenience of working with the system, it is advisable to confirm your identity by uploading copies of your documents to the service.

To fully find out how electronic money appeared, you can study the experience of working on the Russian market of another popular electronic payment system - Qiwi. The company went its own way and started developing a network of payment terminals across the country. However, this was only the beginning. A new level of development was the creation of the Qiwi bank, cooperating with the leading financial institutions of Russia.

In addition to these two leading operators, there are also a large number of similar systems (domestic and foreign) - Yandex.Money, PayPal, Perfect Money and so on. All of them have their own advantages and benefits.

The development of electronic payment systems, along with electronic finance, does not stop. New principles and structures appear every year. Today we can say that the next stage in the development of the sphere will be an increase in the turnover of alternative currencies. One of the representatives of the new era is the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Already, some experts believe that in the near future such cryptocurrencies are able to change the entire financial structure in the world and come to the fore, displacing or completely replacing traditional fiat currencies.