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How to choose a payment system for a beginner?

Many network customers use payment systems in their daily life. Some experienced users prefer two or more services. Those who have recently encountered the concept of “payment resource” cannot imagine its principle of operation. Electronic money, in fact, is an analogue of fiat units, with only one difference - the place of transactions. If a newbie decides to register a digital wallet, then he should give preference only to proven payment systems.

Characteristics of verified payment resources

The freelance profession, which exists thanks to the virtual network, is gaining popularity among the population. During the crisis, many users began to look for earnings on the Internet. It is not uncommon for the customer and the contractor to be in different states. The salary is transferred to an electronic wallet and is used by the freelancer at his discretion.

Lets consider what criteria the client needs to pay attention to when choosing a payment resource:

Ubiquity. It is desirable that the service has no territorial restrictions and is available in many countries of the world.
Mass character. A payment system for a beginner should be used by a wide range of people. The more users trust the system, the better its reputation.
Methods for depositing / withdrawing money. There must be at least three of them, in case of malfunction of one of the options.
Speed. Transaction execution time should not exceed 5 minutes. The exception is technical work on the site.
Comfort. Convenient and intuitive interface attracts new customers.
Multicurrency. The possibility of registering digital wallets in the currency "ruble", "dollar" or "euro" will allow a beginner to make transfers without losing electronic money during conversions.
Low percentage of commission fees. This item is one of the most significant. When withdrawing funds, commission fees are charged by both the payment system and the bank that issued the plastic card.
Safety. The issue of protecting money from cyber fraudsters is considered the most urgent. However, almost every service strives for a good reputation, therefore, it applies innovative methods of securing customers electronic wallets.
Support service. For any questions that arise, a newcomer of the payment system can be consulted by the operational technical service, which is available 24/7/365.
It must be remembered that when registering on the site, you must remember the login and password to access your account. This information cannot be passed on to third parties. The data file is best saved on a flash drive. To make secure transactions, the account has the function of setting up an SMS notification, which will be sent to the mobile phone number associated with the resource.

Some of the most reliable systems are: Qiwi, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, PayPal. More information about payment systems for a beginner can be found on the Internet. It is important to study in detail the instructions for using the resource.

Common payment services

The Visa payment system occupies a leading position in the market for transactions using plastic cards. The card is valid in almost all countries of the world. A large-scale network of ATMs operates in the Russian Federation. The MasterCard resource is the second among the popular systems. Service offices are located in all countries of the world. In MasterCard there is an automatic conversion of funds, unlike Visa, in which the currency exchange will be 5% of the transaction amount. A beginner is recommended to store electronic money in these systems.

Also, electronic payment resources have their adherents. The choice of users of Russia and the countries of the former USSR often stops at the following resources:

WebMoney. The system was founded in 1998. Among its advantages: the maximum level of protection, the speed of transactions, equality of counterparties, a colossal variety of ways to deposit and withdraw funds, the presence of its own exchanger of title units, multi-currency wallets and the possibility of lending. The disadvantages include: poor response time of technical support and lack of confidentiality.
Payment system Yandex.Money is suitable for a beginner, as this service is time-tested. The year of its foundation was 2002. The service issues its own plastic card, the balance of which is equal to the amount on the clients electronic wallet account. Instant withdrawal of funds, protection code, making purchases on the Internet, several ways to replenish the wallet are the positive sides of the system. The disadvantages are: lack of credit, confidentiality, the use of only a ruble wallet. Also, the use of the system is prohibited for commercial purposes. The payment resource is geographically limited due to the lack of support for world currencies.
Qiwi. The resource was founded in 2006. The payment system is convenient for a beginner in that it allows transactions to be carried out using a mobile device that supports the GSM standard. There are no commission fees for replenishing the account and paying for goods and services. If a GPRS connection is not available, payments can be made via SMS. Limited options for depositing and withdrawing funds from the system, a high percentage of commission fees, a low level of integration into other payment resources, a minimum level of protection are the drawbacks of this service.
PayPal is an international system. Allows you to make purchases in online stores in the United States and China, as well as buy things at the e-Bay auction. Disadvantages: conservative interface, difficulties with the withdrawal of electronic money. A beginner should consider the system as additional.
It is recommended to register an account with several services. This will allow the client to increase the level of comfort at work and ensure the maximum security of the wallet when making transactions in the virtual network.