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Transfer Yandex.Money to the Qiwi wallet

There are more and more electronic payment systems. The popularity of electronic money is explained by the fact that people prefer to pay for various goods and services without leaving their homes. Yandex Money and Qiwi are very popular systems.

Qiwi - Qiwi Visa Card (QVC)

This is the users personal account on the QIWI service. It is through him that all calculations are carried out. Wallet registration is simple: you just need to have an active phone number, which will be your login from your personal account. You can create the password yourself.

The QIWI virtual card is the details that are issued instantly.

    Go to the Bank cards tab - Order a card
    Click on the "Issue for free" button, and you will have: card number. The expiration date and CVV-code for payment are sent to the mobile phone number in the form of an SMS message. This data is sufficient for online payments.

This payment system also provides plastic cards, the range of possibilities of which is more diverse than virtual ones. The cost of the card will be 199 rubles for a period of 3 years.

How to link a bank card to a Qiwi wallet.

    Sign in to your electronic payment system account;
    Find the "Bank Cards" icon on the top panel;
    On the right side, you will see a Bind button;
    Click on the confirm button;
    The bank will block a small amount on the account (up to 20 rubles) for a short period to verify the identity. After a while she will come back;

You can pay with a virtual card at any online store. The card is not personalized, but if this field is required when purchasing, then just indicate your name. The balance of the card is equal to the balance of your wallet. Additional conditions and tariffs can be found on the official website of QIWI.

Yandex money

Naturally, there are at least a few more such options. As you know, on the Yandex.Money service you can order the issue of a MasterCard plastic card. The cost of ordering a card is 300 rubles for three years. A virtual card is created in the wallet for free and instantly. The account of a plastic and virtual card is the same with an electronic wallet.
Transfer from Yandex to Qiwi using Qiwi card

    In the Yandex system, select the section transfers
    In the item "from where" we leave the Yandex wallet; in the point "where" we select a bank card.
    We register the QIWI card and the amount. We confirm the transfer by SMS or using the emergency codes issued in advance.
    The transfer fee is 3% + 45 rubles per transaction.

Exchange Yandex.Money to Qiwi

On the web, you can find suggestions that one of the users wants to facilitate the conversion of one currency to another. This method is rather risky and is recommended only in case of exceptional trust in the seller of this or that money. It is much safer to use the services of popular Qiwi exchangers for Yandex.Money, which work around the clock. Transfers on secure online platforms are done in minutes. Another advantage is the relatively low commission. The Baksman resource has an unblemished business reputation and can be recommended for a quick and profitable conversion.

To make an exchange, you need to go to the official page of the resource, indicate the direction of conversion, correctly enter the required information and wait for the operation to be completed.

In conclusion, we note that this article lists extremely popular ways to transfer money from Yandex to Qiwi. In fact, there are a lot of them. Among them, money exchangers from Qiwi to Yandex are the most reliable and profitable option.