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How to transfer money from Qiwi to the card of Sberbank Maestro.

If the Kiwi payment service is the leader in Russia in conducting transactions with electronic money and payments on the Internet, then Sberbank takes the leading place in the number of ATMs and branches where you can get available funds. Moreover, it ranks first in the ranking for all items among the financial and credit institutions of the Russian Federation.

 Therefore, some customers of these services often have the question of how to transfer money from an account in Qiwi to a Sberbank Maestro or Visa card. Indeed, in most cases, especially in small towns, this is the only way to withdraw the amount from the Qiwi wallet. This operation is very simple, and this can be done in different ways.

How to transfer money from Qiwi to a bank card

 In order to be able to make transfers from a Qiwi account to cards of various banks, the user of the service must have an identified wallet with a status of at least “Standard” or “Maximum”. Minimum wallets owners are not able to withdraw money to bank cards.

 The operation of transferring funds from wallet to card is very simple and does not take much time. You can carry it out by entering your personal account from a payment terminal, mobile device or computer.

Consider how to transfer money from a Qiwi account to a Sberbank Maestro card. There are two methods to perform this operation:

    By money transfer.
    In the withdrawal section.


 In order to transfer money from a Qiwi account to a card, you need to log in to a personal account registered on the Qiwi official website and follow these steps:

    In the menu located at the top of the page, select the "Translate" section.
    Go to the "Bank Cards" section.
    From the opened list of available banks, select Sberbank.
    Fill out the form proposed by the service, in which indicate the card number, transfer amount.
    Click the "Pay" button and complete the operation.

Before transferring money to a Maestro card from a Kiwi wallet, you need to familiarize yourself with the service tariffs. For the transfer of money from a Qiwi-wallet to the card of any bank, a user will be charged a commission in the amount of 2% of the transaction amount and a fixed amount of 20 p. for operations within Russia and 40 p. for transfers outside the Russian Federation.

 The undoubted advantage of this method of transferring funds from the wallet to the card is the speed of the transaction. Money usually arrives within a few minutes, although according to the rules of the service, such an operation can take several business days.

In the "Translations" section, you can save the template, which will allow the next time to carry out the operation even faster.

Withdraw funds

 Is it possible to transfer money from Kiwi to the card of Sberbank Maestro in a more budgetary way? You can, and for this you should use the "Withdraw funds" section. In this case, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

    In the top line of the menu, select the "Output" section.
    In the window that opens, we find the icon with the image of the Sberbank logo, click on it.
    We fill out the payment form, in which we indicate the bank details of the card: account number, bank BIC, name of the owner.
    In addition, we specify the desired type of payment (urgent or regular), on which the size of the commission and the speed of crediting funds to the card will depend.
    Click the "Pay" button and complete the operation.

When transferring funds from Qiwi to Maestro or any other card, it is important to correctly indicate the details of the card and not confuse its details with the account number. In the event that you do not know the exact details of the card, it is better to carry out the operation by the card number (16 digits printed on the card).

 The commission for withdrawing funds to the card is 1.6% of the transaction amount, but no less than 50 rubles. Money will be credited in 2-3 days. Moreover, the very first operation will be the longest, and all subsequent will be much faster.

 If necessary, you can perform the reverse operation and replenish the Qiwi account with a Sberbank credit card. Transfer from Maestro to Qiwi can be done both through Sberbank’s Internet banking (which you can connect to using a card issued by the bank), and on the Qiwi official website by logging in to your personal account.