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How to pay money via Yandex.Money

The Yandex.Money online resource is optimized for making electronic payments. Effective tools of the system make it possible to purchase goods, pay for services, including utility bills, communications, the Internet. But some users do not fully understand how to pay for money through Yandex.Money.

Starting from the basics: creating a profile in the system

 In fact, the payment procedure through the Yandex.Money system is extremely simple and does not require complex actions. First you need to create a profile on the website http://www.yandex.ru. The user is required to enter a login and password in a special form. Then you need to log in using your profile data and click on the "money" tab located at the top of the page. To pay via Yandex.Money via the Internet, you need to open an account in the system by clicking on the button with the corresponding inscription. The page will automatically refresh and a form will appear in which you must enter the requested information.

It should be borne in mind that the Yandex.Money system protects transactions with a payment password. Thus, before paying via Yandex.Money via the Internet, the user will have to enter the security code. To complete the operation to create a profile, you should click on the button that says "open an account in Yandex.Money". At this point, the first stage is considered successfully completed.

Algorithm of actions for payment through Yandex.Money

 Before paying through Yandex.Money, you need to select the product or service that interests the user. Then you need to click on the "place an order" button. In most cases, it is located directly under the basket. In the "payment method" section, click on the "Yandex.Money" item. After the client has decided on the payment option, he must confirm the order made by clicking on the "Pay via Yandex.Money" button.

The page will automatically refresh and the user will be redirected to the payment system site. First, he needs to log in by entering his username and password in a special window. Then, on the payment confirmation page, a payment password is required. It consists of the characters that the customer entered during the activation of the virtual wallet. Next, you need to confirm your consent to make the payment. Upon successful completion of the translation, a corresponding message from the system will appear. Sometimes there are difficulties with how to pay money through Yandex.Money. As a rule, such problems arise if there are not enough funds on the users wallet. In this case, the system will refuse to execute the transaction due to the lack of money in the account. At the same time, Yandex.Money will provide information on different ways to replenish the purse.

What are the advantages of paying through the Yandex.Money system?

 This payment option has many advantages. First of all, it gained fame as a quick and convenient way, because to pay via Yandex.Money via the Internet, you only need a username and password for a virtual wallet. You do not need to pay a commission for making a transfer. There are several ways to replenish the wallet, and the user can choose the most convenient option. It is also quite possible to use a bank card linked to a wallet.

Payments via Yandex.Money are made very quickly. This method of payment is considered a multifunctional tool, since it can be used not only to pay off utility bills or a loan, but also to transfer money towards the purchase of goods or ordering services.