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How to quickly exchange Qiwi to Payeer?

Electronic payment systems are very popular today. After all, the number of users performing online transfers is increasing every day. To make a purchase or pay for a service, you just need to click the mouse. It is possible that in the near future, traditional money will disappear from everyday life. Our exchanger keeps up with the requirements of the times and carries out exchange operations on the network in various directions. Transfer from Qiwi to Payeer takes no more than three minutes on average.

But, before proceeding directly to the exchange, we advise you to register on the service. This simple procedure will not take much time. But the user will receive a discount on our services. Moreover, it is cumulative. So, a beginner gets a discount of 0.05%. Its size grows as the volume of successfully completed transactions increases. Also, registered users can receive additional income through participation in the referral program. Each client who has invited a new member to the service receives 0.6% of the amount of transactions performed by him.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the size of the reserve in the chosen direction. The reserve means the amount of money for which the service can exchange. Our policy implies the creation of sufficiently large reserves in all areas. But if the client is not satisfied with the proposed conditions, you need to create a request for replenishment of the reserve. To do this, go to the "Reserves" tab, select Payeer, indicate the required amount and the address on the network. Our employees will promptly replenish the stock of currency to the required level and notify the user by email.

In the exchange request form, the following details should be indicated:

    Transfer amount. If the client wants to exchange a certain amount of Qiwi, then the data must be entered in the field on the left. If he intends to purchase a certain number of Payeer dollars, then he needs to fill in the field on the right. In any case, the calculator will automatically determine the exchange amount and fill in the empty field. The calculation takes into account the exchange rate and the customers personal discount. Heading data is indicated above the left margin, and the reserve value is indicated below the right margin. The minimum transaction amount is one thousand rubles, and the maximum is fifteen thousand. The client has the right to create an unlimited number of orders.
    Wallet details in the Qiwi system. They coincide with the users phone, so this data should be indicated in the international format. For Russians, the number of the purse starts with the characters "+7".
    The users global network address. Moreover, the mail must be valid, since the service sends notifications to it regarding the execution of applications. If the user has not been registered, a password and login to visit his personal account will be sent to the mail.
    Wallet number in the Payeer payment system. It consists of seven or eight characters and begins with the letter "P".

Then the user must agree to the terms of exchange by clicking in the next field. To start the exchange, you need to activate the orange button with the corresponding inscription. A message will appear on the screen that the processing time of the application will be from five to fifteen minutes. If the client agrees with these conditions, click OK. At the final stage, the user needs to go to the Qiwi website using the link and transfer to the details of our service. It is permissible to use a mobile application to transfer money.

In most cases, translation is done almost instantly, but sometimes delays occur. Therefore, before proceeding to the next steps, the user should make sure that the money has been debited from his account. Next, he needs to return to the service and click on the button to complete the payment. After that, the application will be generated and will be processed by our operators. Immediately after receiving the money, the service will replenish the users virtual wallet. If difficulties arise during the exchange process, we recommend contacting the support service. Its employees work around the clock and will promptly help solve any problem.