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How to avoid becoming a victim of financial scams

Dear Clients!
Fraudsters became active, who appear to be employees of a bank, payment system or mobile operator in a telephone conversation, and are trying, under any pretext, to receive one-time verification codes from SMS, CVV / CVC codes (three digits on the back of the card), account and card numbers , code words.
At the same time, part of the calls is made with the substitution of the number through the virtual server so that the real bank number is displayed on the screen of your phone. In some cases, scammers imitate interaction through an interactive voice menu (IVR), offering you to give their details, or asking you to install the remote access program on your phone or computer.
Keep in mind that attackers can call you by first name, patronymic, use banking terminology, and apply psychological pressure. Most often, scammers report a blocked or malfunctioning payment card, conducting operations on your account or debiting funds. Do not trust such calls!
Employees of Banks and other financial institutions never, under any circumstances, request:
• CVC / CVV codes;
• content of one-time SMS codes;
• login / password for accessing mobile and Internet banking
• account and bank card numbers.
Also, bank employees never ask to install third-party remote access programs. All these are signs that scammers are calling you!