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How not to send money to a scammer from a Yandex wallet?

In the world of innovative technologies, the global web has practically ousted financial institutions and post offices from everyday life. The development of e-commerce required from electronic payment systems to constantly improve the level of transaction security and improve systems for protecting customers wallets. The administration of the Yandex.Money payment resource takes care of the companys image and tirelessly monitors users trust in it. Nevertheless, there are stories of hacking of clients virtual wallets and interception of their personal data for illegal seizure of funds. Lets consider how not to send money to a fraudster through Yandex and whether it is possible to return funds illegally debited from the account.

About security in Yandex

On the official website of the payment resource, you can find information about the protection of the clients virtual wallet. If the wallet holder finds that he is unable to log into the system with a real username and password, you must immediately contact the support service. If the client of the system has previously changed and forgot the payment password, then it is highly recommended to use a personal mobile phone to restore it. In this case, the number of the cellular device must be tied to the service, otherwise, you will need to submit an application to the companys branch to recover the payment password.

The developers of the EPS Yandex.Money warn that fraudsters can use information about the client. If the user does not independently take appropriate measures to protect the electronic wallet, the administration cannot guarantee protection from hackers and the subsequent return of the stolen funds.

It is important to remember that the resource is constantly improving the security system and traditional methods of protecting the purse. However, caution and attentiveness on the part of users is the most important point.

Confidential information and bank card details must be carefully hidden from unauthorized persons. Also, do not store secret data on your computers hard drive, otherwise, hacker interception of information may take place.

Also, you cannot enter a payment password both on extraneous resources and from other peoples devices, so as not to send money to the fraudster from the Yandex. For maximum protection of the wallet, the administration recommends using one-time passwords, and when making transactions, you can use the protection code.

The resource has an automatic function of sending letters about the completion of each transaction to the clients e-mail. Thanks to her, you can track the entire cash flow in the account. Citizens of Russia can enable SMS informing about the movement of funds on the wallet. The service is paid, when using it, the level of protection of the electronic wallet is significantly increased.

Where do scammers live?

As you know, a favorite place for fraudulent structures is the global web. Fraudsters use popular EPS, including Yandex.Money, to lure out funds. Online stores are the habitat of users. Attackers who are trying to exploit the trust of customers know about this. Their websites are not aimed at selling goods, but at personal enrichment. As a rule, such services are distinguished by the lack of information about the seller and his contact information, as well as the incompetence of the support service.

The presence of prepayment for goods and services should be alarming. Therefore, before you make a payment, you need to study the reviews about the site on thematic forums. Up-to-date information about the date of domain registration and the legal entity can be found on the search pages of the browser. Services are created specifically for these purposes, for example, WebMoney Advizor, Kartoteka, Internet Trust and other sites. They help to understand the reputation of services and solve the issue of how not to send money to a fraudster from Yandex wallet.

If it turns out that the stores domain was registered several days or months ago, then on this hosting it is absolutely impossible to enter the number, expiration date and secret code of the plastic card. Some sites offer to remember the entered card information when making a payment. Therefore, it is recommended to pay for purchases only on trusted sites that use the PCI DSS international security standard. For maximum protection of cards, in a banking institution, you can connect the 3D Secure service.

Account protection and password cracking

In order not to become a victim of scammers and not to lose money in Yandex.Money, you must follow some rules:

    You can enter a payment password only on Yandex.
    Do not send cipher by email.
    Do not share the secret code in chats and forums.

The EPS administration does not have access to user passwords, since they are stored in encrypted form. A forgotten payment password is not sent to the clients email. This is done for security reasons to prevent attackers from intercepting the email.

If the secret code has been cracked, you must go enter the access recovery page and come up with a more complex password. How not to face the situation again and not send money to the scammer from Yandex? To do this, in the account settings, you need to verify the data in the sections "Email address" and "My phones" and make sure that it is consistent.

By the way, when exchanging data, user information is protected by both the browser and the web service. In the case when the certificate has expired or there is no signature and parameters of the payment resource on it, the browser informs the client about this. If the connection is established, then a temporary key is generated, which is valid only for the duration of the communication session.

The Yandex.Money administration uses innovative ways to protect customer vaults, however, the methods of fraudsters are also improving. Therefore, it makes sense to install licensed antivirus software with constant signature updates, otherwise, you can become a victim of Trojan viruses.

One of the clever methods of attackers are letters that they send to the clients e-mail. They contain a request to follow the specified link to confirm any information in the payment system. In some cases, fake emails can be difficult to distinguish from real notifications. Therefore, all attached files must be thoroughly scanned for viruses. User vigilance should be at the highest level. By the way, EPS employees have no right to ask the user to provide passwords.

Can funds be returned to the account?

There are situations when the holder of an electronic wallet, when replenishing it, makes a mistake in the account number and the money goes to someone elses wallet. How not to send money to Yandex account and not face scammers? In this case, one should rely only on the prudence of the person to whom the erroneous translation was made. If the top-up was made using the terminal, then, when contacting the support service, you need to attach a scanned receipt to the request, which was printed by the terminal.

If the wallet of the EPS client was hacked, it is important to remember that only an identified user can return the funds when contacting the support service within 24 hours from the moment of events. The letter must detail the essence of the problem, attach receipts, indicate the details or attach supporting documents. If the situation is resolved positively, and the fraudsters do not have time to withdraw illegal funds, then the lost amount can be transferred to a bank card or given in cash at the offices of Migom or Contact.

It is worth remembering that the bulk of the responsibility for the safety of money falls on the shoulders of the Yandex.Money electronic wallet holders. Fraudsters will not be able to hack into an account if they have a licensed anti-virus program and correctly save passwords.