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What is the best way to withdraw money from payment systems

More and more modern users, along with regular wallets, use virtual wallets. And as soon as a certain amount is accumulated on the account, a completely natural question arises: where is the best withdrawal of electronic money? Many beginners have some difficulty performing this operation for the first time. Fortunately, the developers of payment systems foresaw this scenario. And on each resource there is a detailed instruction, thanks to which even an inexperienced user can withdraw the accumulated money.

Immediately you need to make a reservation that there are several different withdrawal options. And payment systems in this regard are somewhat different from each other. Most users do not want to limit themselves to using only one option. Therefore, sooner or later the question arises: how best to withdraw money? First of all, it depends on the preferences of the owner of the purse. After all, some are most satisfied with the withdrawal to a credit card, others prefer to transfer cash. In general, the variety of possibilities can be confusing even for an experienced user. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully understand what exactly each system offers.

How to withdraw money from WebMoney

The WebMoney payment system is rightly considered one of the market leaders. Currently, almost all Internet outlets cooperate with this resource. For the participants of the system, the question of how best to withdraw electronic money is especially relevant. After all, a wide range of different options is available to WebMoney users. But we will analyze only those methods that are especially popular:

Bank transfer, for which the system takes a minimum commission. If the transaction is carried out in rubles, then its value is only 0.8%. When withdrawing money in American or European currency, the amount of commission increases to one and a half percent. It should be borne in mind that the banking institution in favor of which the payment is made also charges a commission.
Some users believe that a credit card is the best option for withdrawing electronic money. A few years ago, to participate in such an operation, a credit card had to go through a thorough check. In addition, money was withdrawn only to a card issued in the name of a system participant. At the present stage, everything is much simpler and money can be transferred to any card, you just need to indicate its details. The transaction fee is one percent of the amount, regardless of the currency. But the withdrawal speed directly depends on the type of currency: for rubles, the waiting period is one day, for other monetary units - up to three days. And the user in each specific case, depending on the current situation, decides how best to withdraw money.
The WebMoney system offers other withdrawal options, but the ones presented above are especially useful due to their simplicity.

How to withdraw money from the Qiwi payment system

Qiwi offers several options for withdrawing currency units:

Transferring money to a bank account. Today, more than two hundred different credit institutions work with Qiwi. All of them charge a commission of 1.6% for the provision of translation services. The differences are only in the time it takes to complete the operation - it varies from 10 minutes to 24 hours. In addition, banks set withdrawal limits - from fifteen to two hundred and fifty thousand. Therefore, the user, who is faced with the question of how best to withdraw a large amount of electronic money, must first familiarize himself with the conditions of the selected bank. In this regard, WebMoney offers users more favorable terms of cooperation.
The transfer of funds to a credit card is accompanied by the payment of a considerable commission in the amount of two percent.
Receiving money with the help of organizations providing translation services. These include Russian Post, Contact, Western Union, and Anelik. You will have to pay a commission of two percent for the operation.
The best option for withdrawing electronic money in the Qiwi system is considered a product called "Qiwi Visa Plastic", which is a plastic analogue of a virtual wallet. In this case, no commission is required. Thanks to this card, you can purchase goods and services in different parts of the world. In addition, it is possible to withdraw funds through a regular ATM.

How to issue a withdrawal from the Yandex.Money system

A resource called Yandex was conceived as a global search engine. But now its capabilities have expanded significantly, in particular, a payment system of the same name was created. Users who are interested in how best to withdraw money should certainly familiarize themselves with its terms.

It should be noted right away that all transactions are carried out exclusively in the national Russian currency. Therefore, if there is a need to withdraw dollars or euros, then it is worth using the services of other payment systems. Funds can be withdrawn from Yandex.Money in the following ways:

Bank card linked to the members account. Today you can apply for such a credit card at Alfa-Bank, Otkritie or RosEvroBank. Funds are credited almost instantly, but for the transfer the client needs to pay a considerable commission in the amount of three percent. It is quite obvious that this method does not fit the definition of how best to withdraw electronic money.
Through the "Contact" money transfer company. But right away you need to make a reservation that the amount of the commission is more than four percent. And the money itself becomes available to the user only after a few days.
Bank transfer to an account opened in rubles. The size of the commission is a fairly high amount, and the money comes within three days.
Replenishment of the mobile phone account. This is the only option that does not require you to pay a commission.

In general, the Yandex.Money payment system offers much worse conditions for withdrawing funds than its closest competitors. In this matter, WebMoney remains the constant leader on the market.