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How to get Bitcoins for free?

Man, no matter how much he repeats about his leading role in the chain of the planets civilization, a being is far from ideal. Of our vices, one of the main ones can rightfully be considered the desire for quick enrichment. We tend to strive to stand out against the background of our imaginative. By and large, the goals of a particular individuals dominance over the crowd are financial instruments, including fiduciary monetary units, and other equivalents of material well-being, such as gold and other precious metals or stones.

These have recently been joined by the so-called alternative monetary units, among which a special place is occupied by cryptocurrencies, preceded by Bitcoin, their main ancestor. The popularity of digital money is growing in direct proportion to its rate and is now at its historical peak. What is the Bitcoin phenomenon? This is a question that excites the mind and imagination of the majority of web users, for whom the Internet, in conditions of economic instability, has become a place for the main income or a significant part-time job.

Wikipedia defines Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer payment system in which the unit of account of the same name circulates and uses the data transfer protocol of the same name. The financial power of the phenomenon is based on open distributed ledger technology called blockchain. As you might expect for most of the online audience, technical explanations like this are not interesting at all. For them, the practical side is of strategic importance, and in particular, the problem of how to get Bitcoins for free in a short time and, preferably, without investments.

Surprisingly to many, the amazing ecosystem of the cryptocurrency really allows you to become a certain, but not particularly huge crypto capital for mere mortals, and indeed this can be done without initial investment. The only question is how to do this and how profitable it is.

It is possible to become the owner of a certain amount of Bitcoins, or their indivisible structural unit without investment, known as satoshi, in several publicly available ways, the list of which looks like this:

Bitcoin mining.
Cloud mining of crypto coins.
Getting Bitcoins on exchanges.
Collecting Satoshi with Bitcoin Faucets.
Through computer games.
Increase of crypto capital on popular online resources of the gaming industry.
Lets make a reservation and dare to ask our readers if they know new types of Bitcoin earnings, you can describe them in the comments to the article. In the meantime, we will touch on the main methods of accumulating and increasing crypto savings.

Obtaining Bitcoins through mining

What is mining? This is the process of generating Bitcoins through complex mathematical calculations, calculating hashblocks. The latter can include arbitrary numbers, references to blocks preceding the current one, and the like. Without going into the technical details of the process, lets look at how to get Bitcoins for free using mining.

A miner or miner, as they are called in cryptocurrency slang, does not have to take direct part in the mining process, since all work is done by a computer automatically. This passivity in making money attracts a large number of users. After all, they are only required to connect their computer to the Internet with special drivers installed on it. It is even better if special equipment as powerful as possible is used for this.

However, this process requires a lot of rather time-consuming calculations. And this leads to a very strong overload of the computer. That in no way affects the consumption of traffic, but significantly affects the consumption of electricity. That is why, having decided to get Bitcoin for free, you should think about the question of the payback of this process. To achieve tangible success in solo mining, due to the massive professionalization of this quite profitable business, without initial investment, is an unrealistically difficult and impossible task.

Does it make sense to mine?

It is rather difficult to give an unambiguous answer to this question. After all, this whole process is highly variable, and it happens for reasons beyond the control of the participant. The following circumstances can have a decisive influence on the outcome of the process:

The bar at which the Bitcoin rate is at the moment. If there is a sharp drop in the rate, then, accordingly, the potential profitability will decrease. Which, it would seem, speaks of the disadvantageousness of mining. However, it is possible that an abrupt rise will follow, which means that the activity, as a result of which it is possible to get Bitcoin for free, will be very profitable.
How difficult is mining at a particular moment. It is clear that the presence of a large number of participants throwing significant amounts of Bitcoins into the market makes it difficult to work. In addition, after another halving of the reward for discovering a new block, to 12.5 coins, the difficulty of mining immediately increased several times.
Before becoming a miner, you should weigh the pros and cons and figure out if the game is worth the candle.

Cloud mining Bitcoin

As the name suggests, Bitcoin mining in this case is carried out on a specialized cloud service. With this new paradigm, groups (mining pools) are formed. The purpose of this merger is to generate income that exceeds the amount that can be earned by conventional solo mining, which allows you to get Bitcoin for free.

Without going into technical details, you can briefly describe how this happens. Some company buys mining equipment and then sells the power piece by piece to individual clients. At the same time, it is on the shoulders of the company that the worries associated with the storage and maintenance of equipment, payment for electricity, and the presence of the Internet fall. Accordingly, the client is freed from all these worries. However, mining on cloud servers is not at all free mining. Rather, for free, such online resources provide only scanty computing power.

Surfing as an option to earn Bitcoin

This is a fairly popular way to earn the coveted virtual crypto cents. It consists in the fact that advertising web pages are viewed and satoshi are paid for this. It would seem that you can make a lot of money from advertising, but in reality everything is not so rosy. This method does not allow you to get free Bitcoins in any significant amount, even with great diligence.

The option is rather intended for students and schoolchildren who have a lot of free time and an inexhaustible desire to find a way to earn money on pocket money. At the same time, do not forget about the danger of catching a certain number of viruses that are simply teeming with advertising sites. Although, the administration of advertising resources is an effort of a large crowd of surfers to bring in a very decent capital.

Exchange rate fluctuations as a way to earn Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a virtual currency. However, it is traded on some exchanges where it is bought and sold. In essence, this is very similar to Forex. And also, like there, you can earn free Bitcoins by speculating on rate fluctuations that occur continuously. Most often they are very insignificant and do not exceed a few dollars per coin.

However, there are periods on the exchange when large purchases or currency dumps occur, and then on one Bitcoin you can earn from several tens to several hundred dollars. That is, you just need to catch the moment of price decline and purchase Bitcoins in order to resell them on the wave of growth.

Special tools are used to keep track of such spikes and falls. There are both paid and free options. The most famous of the latter is bitcoinwisdom.com. But we must remember that when trying yourself in this field, you should start manipulating small amounts in order to feel the specifics of the market and gain trading experience.

Earnings with Bitcoin faucets

Perhaps the most harmless way, requiring a minimum of physical and mental activity. The distribution of Bitcoins is carried out for free on sites that are usually called Bitcoin faucets (faucets). They have dozens of ads or simple tasks that you need to view and complete in order to get Satoshi on your Bitcoin wallet. To receive Bitcoins from the user, a captcha is required. It can be used as a code containing numbers or letters. It serves to confirm that there is really a person at the computer, and not a program that works in automatic mode. Captcha can be replaced by a requirement to play a small game, which usually does not take more than 15 seconds.

Such sites are a good answer to the question of how to get Bitcoins for free. They accumulate funds on the participants account up to a certain limit, after which they are withdrawn to the Bitcoin wallet. Moreover, for this, several options can be used:

Output in automatic mode at specified hours or days.
An instant payment to a micro-wallet, which is created automatically during the registration process.
Conducting a transaction after receiving an order for it from the user.

Games are the original way to earn Bitcoins

There are not very many games that allow you to withdraw Bitcoins, but they do exist. It is extremely easy to play them and the answer to the question of how to get Bitcoins for free comes simply and playfully. And if you search well, you can find a fairly large number of games that allow you to earn Bitcoins while having fun.

To do this, you just need to play, pumping your account at the same time and the money earned during the game is transferred to the Bitcoin wallet without any problems. However, it should be remembered that the bulk of the games allows you to withdraw funds exclusively to the Haro wallet. This means that it should be opened before starting the game.

Free Bitcoins and the world of gambling

Lovers of adrenaline and thrills have some, but a very real chance to increase their savings through gambling. At the same time, this can be done without investment. Having accumulated a certain amount of satoshi, and with some luck and a whole coin, you can rely on the goodwill of fortune and significantly increase crypto savings, although there is a great chance of being left with nothing.