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Yandex.Money and VTB24

More and more payment services are appearing on the virtual web. VTB24 Bank management understands the importance of working closely with the domestic EPS to attract the required audience flow. The interaction between the Yandex.Money payment system and a financial institution allows customers to make money transfers from Yandex.Money to a VTB card and vice versa.

How to send money from Yandex to a VTB card

 Any owner of a Visa or MasterCard banking instrument issued in Russia or the CIS countries can transfer funds to a plastic card. This requires:

    Log in to your personal account.
    Go to the "Translations" section.
    Choose the method "To the card".
    Enter information about the card, the amount of the transfer and specify the email address.

Funds are transferred within three days. It is highly recommended to link the card to a virtual wallet to exclude possible errors when entering information about it. How to transfer money from VTB to Yandex.Money, we will consider below. The commission for making a transaction to a VTB card is 3% + 15 rubles. The internal levy of the financial institution is 1.5%.

Telebank service from VTB

 Mobile software, which must be downloaded and installed on any gadget, allows you to use all banking services at a convenient time. It is supported by the Android operating system. According to statistics, about a third of the banks customers are adherents of using cellular devices for money transfers. We figured out how to transfer money from Yandex.Money to a VTB24 card. Now lets consider a payment in the opposite direction. Telebank software provides services similar to VTB24 Internet banking. In addition, the updated version of the program allows customers to take part in promotions to receive discounts for making a transaction with a plastic card. In the "Recent Transactions" section, you can order an account statement for the required period of time.

Thanks to access to the Telebank service, you can instantly replenish your virtual wallet in Yandex.Money. Bank fees are 1.5% of the transaction amount, but not less than 15 and not more than 1,500 rubles.

The procedure for making a money transfer from a VTB24 card to Yandex.Money follows the following algorithm:

    You need to log in to the Telebank service.
    Enter the section "Operations".
    In the subsection "Internet wallets" the name of the EPS should be noted.
    Enter the amount of the transaction.
    Indicate the number of the e-wallet.
    Mark the account in Telebank from which you want to write off the amount.
    Confirm payment.

You can also replenish your Yandex account from a VTB card using the VTB-Online service. To do this, enter the card number, its validity period and the secret code on the EPS page. After that, indicate the amount of replenishment. The commission fee in this case will be only 1%.

Replenishment of Yandex account via ATM

 To top up your virtual wallet in this way, you need to find the nearest VTB ATM. Typically, such devices are located in branches of a financial institution or in crowded places. Next, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions to transfer money from a VTB ATM to Yandex.Money:

    Insert the plastic card into the special compartment with the magnetic tape down.
    Enter your PIN.
    Open the section "Payment for services and transfers".
    Select the option of payment for services and indicate the item "Other recipients".
    In the section "Internet wallets" mark "Yandex.Money".
    Indicate the account of the virtual wallet.
    Enter the transaction amount and click the continue button.

You can also top up your virtual account using the payment code:

    Select the option "Payment for services and transfers".
    Specify action "By code". How to transfer money from VTB24 to Yandex.Money, and what code do you need to enter? To replenish your Yandex wallet, you need to enter the code 113. The code can be viewed using the "Find out recipient code" function or select "From group". It is also possible to open the item "Other services", and then indicate "Electronic wallets". It is important to note the name “Yandex.Money” in the presented list.
    After entering the code, it is important to correctly indicate the addressees details.
    Enter the number of the clients agreement, mobile phone or account.
    Specify the amount of the transaction and click the button to continue the operation.
    Save the printed receipt until the specified amount is received on the Yandex.

It is noteworthy that this procedure is performed with a minimum commission of 1%, but not less than 50 rubles. Now it is clear whether it is possible with Yandex.Money to transfer money to a VTB24 card and back. The transfer to the account is made in a matter of minutes. You can also replenish your e-wallet through the branches of VTB24 Bank.

Exchange VTB24 to Yandex.Money

 You can replenish your e-wallet with the help of special exchange offices that operate on the global web. These services are popular due to their maximum transaction execution speed and minimum fees. It is important to choose reliable and reputable services. To one of these the Baksman website belongs. Lets consider the exchange procedure using his example:

    Log in to the official website.
    Press the button "Start exchange".
    In the column “Give” indicate “VTB24”, in the column “Receive” - “Yandex.Money”. The current exchange rate and information about possible discounts are displayed here.
    Enter the VTB24-Online account number, consisting of 20 digits.
    Indicate the full name of the sender to transfer funds to Yandex.Money from a VTB card.
    Enter a unique bank client number from 3 to 20 characters.
    Provide email address.
    Enter the number of the virtual Yandex.Money account.
    Get acquainted with the offer, and agree to the terms of exchange.
    Press the button to continue the procedure.

In the same way, using online platforms, you can exchange funds from Yandex.Money to a VTB24 card. Using the Telebank service and reliable online resources for exchanging funds allows you to transfer money in two directions in the shortest possible time with minimal losses on commissions.