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Yandex.Money and Sberbank

Any payment system has a direct link with one or another banking organization. Thanks to this, it is possible to easily replenish an electronic wallet or card. This makes the money transfer operation simple and fast. In addition, the size of the commission charged is reduced, and in some cases there is none at all. You can exchange Yandex.Money to Sberbank very quickly and completely free of charge.

Exchange Yandex.Money to Sberbank

To carry out an operation under this scheme, the services of a large number of exchange offices are offered. As a rule, operations in them are carried out both in manual mode and in automatic mode. Thanks to this, they can be used at any time of the day. Baksman is rightfully considered one of the best online services offering profitable exchange in the above direction.

It is necessary to choose a service that offers the best option. But at the same time, it is desirable to analyze his activities. Information about it, most often, is available on the site. After the required Yandex.Money exchanger for Sberbank has been found, you need to pay attention to what funds are present on the resource at the moment.

Attaching a card for withdrawal

This operation is performed as follows:

    You must go to the page "Payment from a bank card".
    A click is made on the button "Link card".
    A window will open in which the user is prompted for a password. After executing this command, he must click on the "Confirm" button.

Next, enter the data available on the bank card:

    A number containing 16 digits.
    Users last name and first name.
    Card expiration date.
    A three-digit code that confirms the authenticity of the card.

If everything is done correctly, the Yandex.Money exchanger for Sberbank offers to confirm the fact of the link. To do this, the user must either calculate and send the sum of two numbers, or enter the sent code. It can be obtained in several ways:

    Online banking.
    In any branch of Sberbank conveniently located for the user.
    In an SMS message to a mobile phone.

How to transfer money from Yandex.Money to a Sberbank card without commission

To transfer from Yandex.Money, you can use all the possibilities that modern payment systems have. In todays reality, this PS is one of the most reliable. Its rise in popularity is impressive. And therefore, a large number of users are interested in how to transfer money from Yandex.Money to a Sberbank card without commission. Indeed, in this case, there are no restrictions regarding their use.

There are three ways that you can translate:

    Using direct output directly to the card.
    Using the "linked" card.
    Using an account.

Before we start describing the methods that allow you to withdraw money from Yandex.Money, you should warn that you should not dream of an option without paying commission fees.

The first method is preferred by those clients who rarely have to carry out transactions. To begin with, the user, in order to transfer money from the Yandex wallet to the Sberbank card without a commission, enters the PS. There you need to go to the withdrawal section. Next, select the item "To a bank card".

A form will open, in the cells of which you should enter the card number printed on its front side. The amount to be transferred must also be indicated. The system will ask for a payment password, which must be entered. After careful verification of the entered data, the intention of the operation is confirmed. Only after that will the transaction of funds to the card account be performed. For the exchange, you will have to pay 3% of the transfer amount, to which another 45 rubles are added. The user should remember that banks may impose additional fees for exchanging Yandex.Money for Sberbank. Information on this matter should be clarified in the offices or on the online resources of the financial organization.

To use the second option, you will have to link the card to Yandex.Money. In addition, you need to obtain information about the details required for the operation. Subscribers who are clients of Sberbank should, for this, contact a bank branch, contact the contact center or use the services of the Sberbank-Online system. Using the latter option will result in significant time savings.

The user should go to his personal account to transfer money from Yandex.Money to a Sberbank card. In it, a click is made on the "Details" tab. This leads to the opening of a new page, which contains all the data. There is no need to write this data down on paper. It is enough, using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C, to copy and paste them into the desired column using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D. This option eliminates the possibility of an error and saves time.

How to top up Yandex.Money via ATM

The need for an answer to this the question often arises from a large number of users using the services of two very popular systems. It is not difficult to replenish Yandex through Sberbank-Online and it does not take much time.
There is nothing complicated about the replenishment algorithm:

    The card is inserted into a Sberbank ATM.
    The subscriber enters the self-service menu and selects "Payments and transfers" there.
    On the "Payment for services" page that opens, click on the "Next" option.
    The section "Electronic money" is selected from the list of options.
    Then Yandex.
    Now you need to specify the Yandex account number and click the "Next" button.
    The correctness of the entered data is checked, and a click on the "Pay" button is performed.

Replenishment of Yandex Money wallet through Sberbank-Online

How to put money on a Yandex wallet through Sberbank Online is interesting to many. To do this, the subscriber should enter his personal account. If before that he did not have to use the services of the system, then he will have to go through a simple registration procedure.

In the personal account, select the "Quick checkout" panel, on which the "Yandex.Money" section is clicked. The next step is to select the card that will be used to make the payment and enter the account number in the Yandex wallet. Next, the required amount is indicated and the "Continue" button is pressed.

The operation needs confirmation. It can be done either using the password received in the SMS, or by entering a one-time password. Transfer from Sberbank Online to Yandex.Money is completed.

What is the commission when transferring from Yandex.Money to a Maestro Sberbank card?

To carry out such transfers, you must:

    Have information regarding the recipients passport data (surname, name, patronymic) and his card number.
    Pay commission fees for the operation, if it is carried out by individuals using ATMs. They are also charged if the operation is performed in Sberbank branches located in other regions. Commission when transferring from Yandex.Money to a Sberbank card Maestro is equal to 0.75%.
    Transfer money.

As a rule, the operation of transferring money does not cause difficulties for anyone. However, if it is still difficult for someone, you can turn to the employees of Sberbank branches for help.