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What does a regular Internet bank consist of?

Из чего состоит обычный интернет-банк?

Recently, Internet banking has become a very common form of financial transactions for different categories of people. With the advent of the World Wide Web, life has become much more comfortable, many problems can be solved without leaving home, in a matter of minutes. Such benefits are provided by the virtual form of banking, otherwise it is called Internet banking. It is a commercial virtual structure created by enterprising businessmen for additional income. An inquisitive user may have a question: what does the Internet bank consist of?


Internet banking device

Any person, including those planning to create their own resource, can be interested in what an Internet bank is, what its structure and operating principle are.

The Internet bank is based on special computer technologies. Most often, the principle of "thin client" is used, which guarantees the safety of confidential data about each user. All information about the client remains in one copy and is not subject to public viewing. The Internet Bank has reliable protection of currency directories and individual data of each user and information about the transactions he has carried out.

To use the "thin client" technology, special software is required:

Application of Java applet.
Web software.
Web technology.
The ideal option for more reliable Internet banking is to use not one of the presented, but all three programs together. For the creator of such a service, these are significant expenses, but the result fully justifies them.
Internet banking consists of a client part, an Internet server and a server that will store the main information database.

To carry out an operational exchange of information between systems in real time, you need to use a gateway to the Banking Automated System.

To create an Internet bank with a reliable security system, you can use the tools built into MS IE, as well as programs from third-party resources.

Additional Plugin module installed to the main software, special hardware to ensure convenience and security.

Independent mechanism - "Internet-Client" subsystem

Continuing the topic of what the Internet bank consists of, we should consider the “Internet-Client” mechanism. It can work as an independent device, but also represent a part of the "RBS BS-Client x64" task system. This mechanism is able to respond flexibly and adequately to any changes in settings. "Internet Client" has a number of advantages:

High performance.
Use of certified cryptographic information protection tools
Application of one-time codes for document confirmation.
SafeTouch devices provide reliable support and actionable control.
The protection of the channel on which the Internet bank is located has a legal basis.
Intuitive interface.
Prompt solution of the tasks facing the Internet bank.
Prompt processing of data received from customers (individuals and legal entities).
Fast transmission of notifications.
The client can receive information in a format convenient for him.
Providing commercial offers to users.
Application and technical support of the "Office - mobile manager" technology.

Creation of your own internet bank

Having figured out what the Internet bank consists of, you can start implementing the idea of creating your own financial business. To be successful, you need a quality plan that should be based on the following points.

Choose a direction: savings, industry, universal or investment - this is the first stage. It is necessary to conduct a technical analysis of existing banks in the chosen direction. Consider the level of competition in order to have more chances for the development of the banking business in the future.

The second stage consists in obtaining permits for opening an Internet bank. A legal relationship with the tax office must be settled. To obtain a license, you need to prepare the necessary package of documents.

A virtual bank performs, in fact, the same functions as traditional financial institutions, but it does not require a special office (although, if you wish, you can have a real place where the banks administration will be located) and a staff (you can limit yourself to 2-3 like-minded people ). This leads to significant cost savings, which has a positive impact on overhead costs. This is the reason for not overestimating charges for transactions in the Internet bank, which attracts new customers.

The user draws up an agreement with the Internet bank, it can be in electronic format and on paper (if there is a real bank office):

The client enters the personal data of the passport and identification code.
The bank manager signs the agreement.
The document is sent by e-mail.
The digitally signed contract between the user and the Internet bank must be considered valid.

If you have an office, you can draw up a contract on paper and get a credit or debit card.


Internet banking: use

Having learned about what Internet banks are made of, you can more confidently approach their use. Of course, the main condition is the right choice. Entrepreneurial people widely use virtual banks not only for making traditional money transactions, they can become a tool for earning additional income.

To do this, it is enough to become a client of several Internet banks, in particular, to use the online service http://www.baksman.org, and make a profit through a profitable currency exchange.

The modern form of a banking institution opens up new opportunities for a person that add convenience, comfort and time savings to his life.