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Payment history and check in the Yandex.Money system

Yandex payment resource differs from similar services with a convenient interface and ease of use. However, newcomers to the system often ask urgent questions, for example: "Where can I see the payment history in Yandex.Money?" Let is consider the most popular of them and get acquainted with the detailed answers.

How can I find out the account number?

The EPS interface is quite simple, so some users can understand it intuitively. During the registration procedure on the site, the client receives initial information about the account number. However, remembering a combination of fifteen characters is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, the developers have provided several ways to view information about the wallet number.

Let is consider several available options:

    Go to the Yandex.Money payment history. This information will be available if the client has made at least one financial transaction. Next to each completed transaction, the date, time and account numbers for which the payment was made are indicated.
    Log in to your account. The ruble balance will be displayed at the top of the screen. To find out the account number, you must click on the balance numbers. After that, a list with information about the account number and other settings will open.

How do I check my wallet balance?

After the user finds out the Yandex.Money account number, he may be interested in information about viewing the transfer history. Before touching on this topic, you need to check the balance in the wallet. To do this, you need to log into your account. The account status will be displayed at the top of the page. If the user has somehow changed the visibility settings of the wallet balance, then instead of numbers, next to the currency sign, snowflakes will be displayed. Some purse holders deliberately hide data on the amount of funds in their personal account from strangers.

If the visibility of the balance was hidden by chance, then you can find out its state if you follow the step-by-step algorithm:

    Click on the button where the hidden balance is displayed.
    Go to the settings section. How to view the history of payments in Yandex.Money, we will consider below.
    In the "Balance display" item, move the slider towards inclusion.
    After that, the screen will display the visible score from the corresponding numbers.

How can I see my payment history

After passing the registration procedure in the system, the page with the history of transactions is not displayed. And the fact is that there are no financial transactions on the account at the moment. You can view the chronology of transfers after the first top-up of the virtual wallet. Information about all subsequent transactions will also be recorded in the transaction history.

As a rule, this page opens automatically. How can I view the payment history in Yandex.Money if it is invisible? The chronology of transfers can be tracked in the left-hand menu of the "My Transactions" section. All incoming and outgoing transactions will be displayed in the form that opens.

On this page, to send funds within the system, the user can use a convenient form. Here you can also create a list of addressees to whom money will be periodically transferred from the account, and add them to favorites, as well as set up a monthly auto payment.

By the way, many users on the pages of the virtual web ask whether it is possible to view the history of payments in Yandex.Money and then clear it. Fortunately, this function is not provided by the service. Otherwise, it would be used by fraudulent organizations that would hack other people is purses, transfer stolen money to their own accounts and erase the history of transactions. The possibility of clearing the history would negate the refund process.
Where can I find my payment password?

The payment password is a kind of protection for electronic money. This function is similar to SMS notification, which contains a one-time code to confirm the transfer. As a rule, in advance, you need to link your personal mobile phone number to your account. When making a transaction, a payment password will be sent to the client is mobile device. We figured out how to view the history of transfers in Yandex.Money, now let is get acquainted with the procedure for recovering a payment password.

    From the page for entering your payment password, follow the link "Remember payment password".
    In the form that opens, click on the "Receive SMS" button. A message with a code will be sent to the number of the linked mobile device within 24 hours from the moment of contact.
    After receiving the password, a notification will be displayed on the main page of the resource about the need to confirm the reset of the old password.
    Follow the specified link and enter the code from the SMS.
    Create a new payment password.

Payment for services in Yandex

In your Yandex.Money account, you can check the date, time and details of any operation provided by the service. To do this, on the main page of the resource, you need to click on any operation, you can even rename it or add it to your favorites. To send a complete history of transactions by e-mail, you must click on the export icon, which is located on the right side of the page.

To pay for services through Yandex wallet, in the catalog of goods and services you will need to select the required provider and follow the step-by-step instructions of the service. The details of this transfer will become available in the payment history of the Yandex. If a specific provider is not in the list provided, then you can pay for the receipt using the addressee is details. With such a transfer, an extended comment to the transaction must be specified in the "Purpose of payment" field. It is necessary to enter the sender is personal account so that the addressee has an idea who initiated the transfer. For example, if a payment is made for a landline telephone, you must:

    Indicate the home phone number and address of the payer, as well as his personal account. Also in this field you need to add the item "excluding VAT".
    Click on the "Pay" button.
    Enter your payment password.

After that, you can print the Yandex.Money payment receipt. Such a payment can reach in a few days, and the commission fee will be 2% of the transfer amount, but not less than 30 rubles.

Transaction payment confirmation

Many users want a paper printout of the transfer. In the "History" section, you can receive confirmation of payment for the service. In the chronology, you need to find the desired translation and follow the link "View receipt". There will be a printer icon on it, when you click on it, the required Yandex.Money receipt will be printed.

You can also contact the support team, which can provide a scanned payment order or receive a receipt to your email address. To make sure that the transfer was delivered to the addressee, you need to open the payment history and pay attention to its status:

    "Processed by the Yandex.Money resource." The payment is in process and has not been sent to the recipient.
    "Sent". The translation has been delivered to the addressee.
    "Returned". The transaction was not executed, and the funds were returned to the sender is account. This situation can occur due to an error when filling in the details. Therefore, before sending, you must carefully check the completed fields.

Receiving a check on Yandex.Money is as easy as viewing the details of transactions performed on the account. It is these functions that allow Yandex EPS to achieve a high level of popularity among Russian-speaking countries.