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Internet wallet - where can I get it?

Electronic money, along with payment services, has become quite commonplace. If at the dawn of their development, users were distrustful of virtual finance and online payments, today they are used by millions of people. Lets find out in more detail what an Internet wallet is, how you can create it, and take advantage of the benefits that it provides to its owner.

What is an e-wallet?

An electronic wallet is a special Internet service that makes it possible to store electronic money and conduct various operations with it.

The main characteristic of electronic money is its virtuality. They are not backed by any material reserves, like the national currencies of various states. The guarantors of their financial reliability are the resources themselves that offer such a service. From a technical point of view, an internet wallet is a program with a special interface and a high level of security.

By analogy with paper banknotes stored in a regular wallet, electronic money is stored on a specific server, where it is available at any time. Electronic wallets give their owners the following features:

Reliability and safety of financial transactions.
Possibility of cashless payment for goods and services in online stores.
Instant transfers and payments.
Currency conversion operations.
Obtaining loans in a short time with a minimum package of documents.
Each payment system has its own characteristics that allow you to create an Internet wallet and use it for various transactions. Among the most popular services are the following.

WebMoney. The service with almost twenty years of history has become widespread in the CIS countries. Registration and verification of the user on the service is free of charge. A very simple interface does not cause any difficulties in the process. The service can work with various currencies, among which the most popular are the US dollar, euro, national currencies of Russia, Ukraine and other countries. Even a special Bitcoin wallet has been developed. To store title units and conduct transactions in different currencies, you can create separate Internet wallets and use them, if necessary, in parallel. The system is distinguished by high reliability and multilevel levels of information protection and is rightfully considered the leader of the Russian-speaking segment.
Yandex money. A very popular service among the residents of the Russian Federation, which is distinguished by the ease of registration and verification of personal data of users, a huge range of services provided, ease of replenishing an account, low commissions and a high degree of system security. Unfortunately, the service works with only one currency - Russian rubles, and besides, it sets certain limits on the operations performed.
Qiwi. Another payment system common among residents of Russia. It is also very easy to create an Internet wallet in it and replenish it thanks to mobile banking or an extensive network of payment terminals. It makes it possible to pay for a variety of services or pay for goods in online stores.
PayPal. An international payment service that allows you to make purchases on foreign marketplaces such as Ebay, Alibaba and others. Supports a large number of world currencies. In addition, the management of the service is seriously thinking about including some types of cryptocurrencies in the number of financial instruments, which will further expand the capabilities of the system. There is a system for guaranteeing the security of transactions.
EasyPay. Belarusian service with a confidential internet wallet. Very low fees and ease of use have made the system popular in many countries around the world.
PerfectMoney. Another foreign payment system that is often used by Russians and residents of neighboring countries. Allows you to make payments for goods and money transfers in various currencies. In addition to wallets in euros and US dollars, here you can store money in the equivalent of a precious metal - gold.
Sberbank. This system can only be used by Sberbank clients who own a deposit account or a payment card of this financial institution.

How do I create a wallet?

After we figured out what an Internet wallet is, its time to figure out the mechanism for creating it. The principle for all payment services is approximately the same.

On the official website of the system, you must go through the registration process. In this case, you will have to provide a valid email address and mobile phone number. Some systems also ask for the owners personal data.
For subsequent logins, you will need to come up with a login and a strong password.
Messages are sent to the specified address and phone number to confirm registration. By clicking on the link or entering a one-time password from an SMS message in a special form, the user completes the verification process.
After registering with a payment service, you can open an internet wallet in one or another currency, if the services capabilities allow it. On most services, you can open several vaults at the same time in different currencies.
A number of services to increase the functionality of the wallet asks the user to provide personal information for identification and confirm it with a copy of an identity document. In this case, the limits on operations are significantly increased, the range of services provided is expanded.

All payment systems pay special attention to the security of financial transactions. Therefore, to confirm the transaction, verification using SMS messages with one-time passwords is usually used.

Withdraw funds

After learning what an Internet wallet is, users usually wonder if they can withdraw money from it. Of course you can. Moreover, there are various possibilities for this. The easiest way to do this is with the help of certified exchange offices, which will transfer electronic money to a bank card for a small fee. And with this card it will be possible to pay in retail chains or withdraw cash from ATMs.

Along with the growth of the turnover of digital money and title units on the Internet, new services are opening up, offering the services of a virtual wallet to the multibillion-dollar public. In the face of fierce competition, in the struggle for the minds and hearts of customers, the strongest players in this very specific segment survive. However, as in other areas, healthy competition plays into the hands of users who have plenty to choose from from a growing variety of online platforms in this direction.