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Where can I get a Bitcoin address?

Где взять Биткоин-адрес?

Bitcoin cryptocurrency has already made a lot of noise. Almost every virtual network user thinks about the need to use electronic money. To manage the currency at your own discretion, first of all, it is important to take care of the protection of personal funds. Before answering the question: "Where can I get a Bitcoin address?", You need to register a virtual wallet, which is designed to store funds.

You need to understand that Bitcoin is not material, it is not printed, however, it is paid in virtual stores that accept this currency. Therefore, the responsibility for the safety of savings falls on the network client. The choice of storage for your own money must be approached with responsibility.


Bitcoin address and e-wallet

There are several options for installing a digital wallet on your computer. Lets consider the most popular ones:

Stationary wallets.
Online services.
Where it is better to get a Bitcoin address will become clear after the option of choosing a storage is considered. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. Any such wallet can be subject to a hacker attack. In case of loss of money from the account, no state body will look for the guilty. This is due to the fact that the currency is not controlled by the state.

Wallet software is available on several resources. One of the most popular is Blockchain. When registering, it is proposed to create wallets such as MultiBit, BitcoinCore and Electrum. Where can I get the Bitcoin address of the MultiBit fixed wallet, which is the most widely used wallet? Instructions for its use are located on the website. However, you need to understand that his defense is not perfect.

It is highly discouraged to store large amounts of money on a virtual wallet. Installing it is no more difficult than regular software. MultiBit has a Russian version, so users of Russia and CIS countries should have no problems in managing it. By the way, you can create an indefinite number of Bitcoin addresses. They are confidential and generated directly by the system itself. To generate a crypto-address, just click on the link for creating an address on the resource.

If a client wishes to use online services to decide where it is better to get a Bitcoin address, he needs to know that the safety of electronic money in this case falls on the resource. Therefore, it is important to choose trusted sites. You can find out about them on the vastness of the virtual web by writing a request in the search bar of the browser.

The received Bitcoin wallet address must be saved. Memorizing alphanumeric dialing is beyond the power of even the most intelligent user. The code is generated from random numbers and letters and consists of 34 characters. Cryptoaddress is a string, random alternation of numbers and letters of the English alphabet of different case. They can be generated as many as the client needs. Therefore, it is best to create a document on a computer, where the virtual wallet holder will write down the created addresses, you can also use a regular notepad.

We figured out where to get the Bitcoin address. It is important to note that for each individual transaction a completely new crypto-address must be used, thereby increasing the confidentiality of the transaction. If it is entered by mistake and the money is sent to a non-existent account, the transfer will be canceled automatically. It is very important to enter the recipients address correctly, otherwise the payment may go to an unknown member of the system. It is simply impossible to reverse such a transaction. Being as focused as possible when entering a crypto address is essential to protect your personal savings.

Using reliable storage and generating a crypto-address for each new transaction are important components of answering the question of where to get a Bitcoin address.