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What happened to Yandex.Money over the past 5 years?

Что случилось с Яндекс.Деньгами за последние 5 лет?

The payment service Yandex.Money has gained wide popularity among millions of users for 14 years of its activity. It belongs to the world famous company Yandex. This system of electronic payments is developing at a high rate, the administration of the service is constantly working to improve the mechanism of functioning, the variety and perfection of financial services offered to users, the security of transactions and customer savings. Many are interested in what happened to Yandex.Money, what changes have occurred in it over the past five years.


Yandex.Money payment system: purpose and goals

Yandex.Money is a payment structure that has certain functionality that allows its customers to carry out monetary settlements without leaving home. The user registers in it, draws up an online wallet, which contains electronic cash - the equivalent of Russian rubles. They are backed by ordinary money in Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, VTB24 and not only. All well-known Russian credit and financial institutions, government agencies, independent and charitable organizations work with Yandex.Money.

With the passage of time, changes have occurred in Yandex.Money, it became necessary to identify each user if it is necessary to carry out monetary transactions in excess of 15,000 rubles per day. On the one hand, this can be perceived as increasing control over clients. However, this innovation has a positive effect in terms of increasing the level of security of money transfers and safety of funds. On the other hand, if the user loses or forgets the password, it is enough to present an identity card and the service will recover the lost secret data. In this way, wallet management will be quickly restored.

We can say that the latest changes in Yandex.Money are aimed at creating a more reliable environment for users. Identification can be done simply by choosing one of several options:

Send a request by mail.
Contact the office directly.
Via Euroset or Contact.
Through a linked bank account.
This system continues to attract new customers, because it is extremely easy to use it, there is nothing complicated in registration, and besides, it is free. The implementation of transactions does not require special knowledge, there is enough data on the recommendation service. And the interest rates charged by the system for various financial transactions are quite reasonable.

Changes in Yandex.Money for the benefit of clients

Changes in Yandex.Money are manifested in the fact that now the user must choose one of the interface options:

Internet wallet, access to it will open after installing special software.
A web interface, where, after registration, all monetary transactions are made through a browser. To activate the wallet, you must enter your personal data.
The customers of this payment system are satisfied with the easy and convenient input and output of electronic currency. If there are enough funds on the bank card, they can be transferred to the Yandex wallet. Dont worry, nothing happened to Yandex.Money that could somehow make life difficult for users. Their number is increasing, which means that they are satisfied with the conditions and tariffs of the service.

The client chooses how to replenish the balance of the virtual wallet. He can use a prepaid card issued by Yandex.Money. The option of replenishing the wallet with cash is also widely used. Money can be exchanged using a huge number of exchangers, in particular, you should pay attention to the service http://www.baksman.org. It provides clients with convenience, comfort and favorable conditions.


Yandex.Money guarantees security

There have been changes in Yandex.Money in terms of ensuring transaction security. In order to more reliably protect e-wallet funds from the attacks of cyber fraudsters, an SSL connection was introduced, which will secure the entry into the network. All messages are encrypted and signed. The use of the hash function and the RSA algorithm complements and strengthens the security. Thus, the user gets a powerful security system. The only factor left is user behavior. If he shows carelessness, does not properly protect secret data and allows a third party to access his computer, this can have irreversible consequences.


Improving the Yandex.Money system

The latest changes in Yandex.Money over the past five years have brought many innovations that have significantly expanded the functions and capabilities of customers.

For members of the popular social network Facebook, five years ago, an application was launched that allows them to carry out charitable activities, raise funds to help people in need. It has the eloquent title “Collect money”.

Through a Yandex wallet (with a special travel ticket), residents of St. Petersburg can pay for public transport fares. The methods of mutual settlements have become much easier.

The significant changes in Yandex.Money include an increase in the number of providers to 60. Clients of the network were able to withdraw money to bank cards (personal and other users).

Transactions can be made from a mobile phone, make transfers on demand. The user can get a special card that will facilitate calculations in a regular trading network.

In order to use modern technologies more efficiently, Yandex.Money was merged with Sberbank.

The appearance of the payment system on the iPad allows you to replenish your Yandex wallet from bank cards. What happened next to Yandex.Money - cooperation with PrivatBank intensified, identification in Euroset was opened, and sales of additional places on Yandex.Disk began. No commission is charged for replenishing an account in Svyaznoy stores.

Since 2014, users have been guaranteed more powerful protection due to a new type of transaction confirmation through a unique password, which is generated in a mobile phone thanks to a built-in application. For confidential users, limits have been introduced in making payments. Enhancement now requires identification. You can buy readers, make air payments.

Over the last period, the payment system has introduced transfers through Western Union, payment for goods on credit, identification via SMS.

The developers and owners of the popular resource are constantly working to improve the system and strengthen the protection mechanisms.