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What is better Yandex Money or WebMoney?

The two leading payment systems Yandex.Money and WebMoney, which operate on the vastness of the Russian Internet, are actively fighting for each attracted user. Each system promises the user the best conditions, minimum commissions and the most user-friendly interface. If a professional figure out what is better than Yandex.Money or WebMoney is not difficult, then a beginner will have a hard time. Therefore, lets try to objectively answer this popular question.

From registration to security of payment services

It takes a minimum of time to create an account on Yandex.Money, especially if the user already has a mailbox on the service of the most popular Russian search engine. After entering the phone number, username and password, registration can be considered complete. Moreover, the official website of the company indicates that you can use a security question instead of a phone number.

Users who have to choose Yandex Money or WebMoney will certainly appreciate the serious approach of the latest payment system. It is impossible to register without a phone on the WM service. Moreover, you will need to enter a number of parameters that will provide additional security.

Keeping funds in the wallets of both services is relatively safe. Yandex.Money provides a multi-level data protection system. All information that comes through communication channels is securely encrypted. At the same time, traditional data protection in Yandex.Money is not enough. The user is recommended to use the enhanced protection service through electronic tokens and special encryption tables. Such a service will cost the holder of an electronic wallet 30 rubles. In order to understand which is better than Yandex.Money or WebMoney, you need to turn to the security of the WM service.

Impeccable WebMoney data protection system

The security architecture of the oldest payment system is very complex and provides three ways of verification. The main one is authentication using a username and password. The second method involves using a special file with encrypted keys that are stored directly on the users device. You can also use special certificates to log in to the system. Transactions in the system are not carried out without additional confirmation. To do this, use:

SMS notifications.
E-NUM authentication service.
When choosing Yandex Money or WebMoney, it becomes quite obvious that WM representatives have done a great job on the security system. Another characteristic feature of the title units that the WebMoney service offers on the wallet is that electronic money is never in an intermediate state. That is, virtual money does not pass through the processing center, but is always in the wallet (recipient or sender).

Withdraw funds

Yandex.Money offers the most convenient withdrawal methods. The client is charged a minimum commission. Transfers between users involve a 0.5% commission. And this is a very important nuance for clients who are looking for an answer to the question, which is better than Yandex.Money or WebMoney? WebMoney commission is quite high. Even for internal transfers between system participants, it is 0.8%. But the methods of replenishing an electronic account, as well as withdrawing funds through Yandex.Money, are fully available only to residents of the Russian Federation. Withdrawing money in neighboring countries is quite problematic. It is also worth considering the fact that WebMoney is focused on commercial activities, and Yandex.Money is exclusively aimed at individuals.

The final decision on choosing a payment service always remains with the user. Nevertheless, when choosing between Yandex Money and WebMoney, it is better to use the services of the latter service. WebMoney guarantees maximum security and advanced translation capabilities, which have already been appreciated by millions of Russian-speaking freelancers.