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What is interesting in the X-plat payment system?

Что интересного в платежной системе X-plat?

2005 was marked by the creation of the X-plat payment service. Its dealer network covers most of the country. The developed technologies make it possible to receive transfers using:

Terminal network.
Operator stations.
Through the retail network through the cashier module (if integrated into the 1C Trade software).
Mobile applications for PDAs and cellular units.
POS terminals.
Lets consider what are the advantages of the X-plat payment system. What special does it offer to its customers? What are the reasons for its growing popularity?


X-plat and its capabilities

The service puts forward a rather tempting offer to expand the business of each client, namely, the use of points for receiving instant payments for cellular communications, IP-telephony, provider services, television, housing and communal services and other organizations with its help. This business is relatively new and growing rapidly. The developers assure that such a business will bring a guaranteed profit. If you additionally organize points for receiving X-plat transfers, you can increase your own profit several times.

With the help of the service, buyers can instantly fund their accounts. Specialists are working on the constant expansion of the list of providers. X-plat includes companies of both regional and federal significance. Transfers in the service are carried out quickly, safely and conveniently. The resource uses secure communication protocols, so the data about each client is strictly confidential.

To register in the system, you need to be patient. This process can take up to two days. And starting from the next day, you can start conducting business on accepting payments. The peculiarities of X-plat payments are in instant processing of transfers, which does not take more than 30 seconds. The receipt is issued free of charge, and the module created for making transfers allows you to execute transactions at lightning speed. Its administration is performed on a remote basis. Built-in functions help transfer data to special programs for information analysis.

To install a mobile client from the X-plat resource, you need to download the client program on the official website and install it on your phone. If necessary, you will need to download and install the current version of the Java program. Upon completion of the installation of the necessary software in the X-plat payment system, you will need to register an agent under the name "mobile". At the first start, it is necessary to register the point with the operators information data on a personal cell phone.

To organize a point for making transfers, you only need a computer with access to the global web. A novice businessman will not require significant material investments.

Heading to Africa!

Remarkable was the fact that the organization decided to expand its activities far beyond the borders of the Russian Federation. Already in 2008, the X-Plat payment service set a benchmark for southern Africa. It was decided to create a new trademark "X-plat SA". This company is actively cooperating with leading mobile organizations such as Virgin Mobile, Vodafone and other corporations with direct operations in Africa.

The entry of the system to the market of this continent allowed citizens to make instant payments for utility services and telecommunications, as well as pay administrative fines. The payment service is fruitfully cooperating with famous mobile operators. Features of X-plat are in a well-chosen guide for working with businessmen and citizens. This makes it possible to successfully introduce the payment resource to the masses. Not so long ago, the service connected a system for accepting bets.

X-plat offices began to appear one after another in many countries of the hot continent. For example, in Ghana, an agreement was signed with Scanom to transfer payments through a new system. The organizations management has a wealth of experience in establishing contacts with the authorities, which helps to attract large organizations to the system. The payment service is focused on the further growth of its popularization. Payment system X-plat is responsible for its activities, providing customers with quality services and transaction security.


How to use the agents personal account?

If a businessman decides to connect a payment system and use it for its intended purpose, he should get acquainted with the structure of the cabinet and understand what this or that option is intended for. In order to log into your account, you only need to enter the password for it, specified during registration.

The personal account consists of 3 main sections:

Terminals. The administrator can view all information on self-service terminals. Monitoring X-plat allows you to monitor the operation of the terminal network every 10 minutes, including the receipt of funds and their collection. It is also possible to view the amount, date and place of withdrawal of funds.
Payments. Allows you to track receipts for service providers in real time, as well as identify erroneous transactions. The administrator can keep track of all payments during the day and sort them at his discretion (by points, providers). To view the details of the payment, you need to move the mouse cursor over it. You can also search for the required transaction.
Control. A special feature of X-plat in this section is the availability of viewing the list of active dealer outlets and their location. It is also possible to add new users to enter the administrator account and give them some powers. The subsection "Tariffs" contains information about providers, their prices for services, commission fees, limits and promotions. There is an option to track reports and view agent invoices on a monthly basis.
The X-plat payment system is a resource of narrow specialization in making transactions, but it is quite widely used by the masses. This is due to the stability of the service for more than 10 years, the maximum security of money transfers, availability for clients who wish to run their own business and the carefully developed marketing policy of the administration.