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What to do if you want to opt out of a payment system


Electronic payment systems have long become a virtual version of our wallets - more convenient and secure. If initially digital accounts offered only the ability to store and exchange money on the Internet, today they are a full-fledged part of the financial life of many people. Thanks to virtual settlement systems, you can enter and withdraw cash at the expense of terminals, carry out a quick exchange of money, pay for various purchases and services. But there are times when, for one reason or another, the user decides to refuse the services of the payment system. In such cases, the liquidation procedure can be more difficult than opening a wallet.

Some simply stop using the electronic cell as unnecessary, but the official closure of the virtual account can take place for the following reasons:

The user voluntarily refuses the services of this or that system.
The virtual wallet has lost its relevance, since it was created for a specific transaction. After liquidation, SMS will no longer be sent to the owners phone number, reminding about the status of the account, the phone will be free to register another account in the digital network.
Refusal from the payment system due to the loss of a SIM card. This decision will be right for residents of small settlements who find it difficult to get to large cities to restore access to their account. Moreover, trips just for the sake of being able to access your wallet is too expensive.
There can be many reasons for refusing to use an electronic wallet in a particular payment system. But in each of them, you need to follow different principles for closing an account. Consider three popular virtual payment systems: YAD, WebMoney and Qiwi.

Refusal from the Yandex.Money payment system

To abandon the YAD payment system, you do not need much time and effort. After visiting your page, click on the "Passport" item, where go to "management". By clicking on the "Delete account" link, you will only have to mark a few pointers, among which there will be a button for deleting the wallet. This method will save you not only from the account, but also clear the account data.

To completely stop using the YD system, you need to contact the support service. The specialists need to explain why you decided to refuse to use the system. Further, the service will consider your request, and after an affirmative decision will send a recommendation on the necessary actions. Such a refusal from the payment system will allow you to restore both data and wallet over time, if the need arises.

Ways to opt out of the Qiwi payment system

Enter the data (phone number and password) to enter the system account. Next, click on the "contact technical support" button. In the drop-down menu, fill in your data and indicate the reasons for refusing an electronic wallet. Within 24 hours, representatives of the technical service will notify you that the request has been transferred to the security service archive.

Sometimes the service asks the user for a copy of the contract and a scan of the passport, but the client of the system is not obliged to provide them, since the request to delete the account is already executed from the personal account. The payment service security staff will answer you shortly and will tell you about the next steps. Sending a copy of the contract and a scan of the passport will speed up the cancellation of the payment system.

How to opt out of the WebMoney payment system

Many Internet users use the WebMoney wallet to carry out various financial transactions on the global network. In terms of the number of clients, the service is significantly ahead of Qiwi, but some register wallets only for one or two transactions. How, then, can you close your e-wallet so that no one can use your payment details?

Payment system WebMoney provides customers with a lot of opportunities. But at the same time, users cannot officially refuse the payment system, because the developers did not foresee such an opportunity. Technical support will block the users account, but all the persons data and history of his transactions will remain in the system.

An active Internet user is constantly faced with the need to conduct transactions using electronic money. If the need for virtual wallets disappears, you can block your account and refuse the services of payment systems. It is important to make sure your wallet is empty of money and important data.