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What to do if money for Qiwi wallet didn’t come

People who know the value of time use electronic payment services, including Qiwi. It is convenient, fast and profitable, given the current situation in the financial sector. Electronic systems have firmly entered our lives, reducing the importance of banking institutions, since a user who is actively working with payment systems needs banks only to withdraw funds, no more. And for this, it is not at all necessary to stand in a kilometer line to the checkout. You can withdraw money using an ATM.

Despite the popularity of electronic payment services, there are times when there are problems associated primarily with financial transactions. For example, what if the money does not come to the Qiwi wallet? Or how to find your money if the payment is made and the electronic wallet is empty? We will discuss these issues in this article, focusing on specific problems and methods for solving them.

Before starting to discuss the required issue, we note that the money that got into the system can not evaporate without a trace. Sooner or later, the administration will deal with the problem and even if something out of the ordinary happened, the system will compensate the loss to the client.

What to do if money for Qiwi wallet has not arrived? Wait!

 Cases are different. Electronic payment services are fairly young companies, therefore not all systems are brought to perfection. Take, for example, the banking sector. Despite many years of experience, and, it would seem, improved to the maximum systems, customers still fall into problem situations through the fault of financial and credit institutions. An elementary example when an ATM does not give out a card, and money is urgently needed. Therefore, questions in the style of what to do if money did not come to the Qiwi wallet will be asked for a long time to the support service of the Qiwi system.

If, nevertheless, a situation arose when the money was sent, but there is zero balance on the electronic wallet, the first thing that the support service will advise you is to wait. The problem is that the system can be overloaded, which affects the throughput of financial transactions, temporarily blocking some money transfers.

What to do if money for a Qiwi wallet has not arrived? Possible reasons

 In order to consider methods for solving the problems encountered with the translation, first we outline a list of possible reasons to understand where and how to contact if money did not come to Qiwi.

    The first reason is incorrectly entered transaction details. It happens that a person makes a mistake when entering a phone number, which at the same time is the address of a virtual wallet. As you know, it’s enough to enter one digit incorrectly and the money will go in an unknown direction. What to do? Contact support by first selecting the “erroneous payment” item. If you can prove that it is you who are the sender of the funds, then money will be returned to you. To do this, you must provide a receipt of the financial transaction.
    If the details are entered correctly, but the money still did not come to the Qiwi wallet, what should I do? What could be the reason? The fact is that the terminals can also break, like other electronic devices. In addition, the software may not work correctly, in general, there are different incidents. What to do in such cases? First of all, contact the support service, or call the hotline number (can be found on the companys website) and report a terminal breakdown. If you manage to knock out a receipt from a broken terminal, this will clearly help. If not, then your application will be considered and after a while the money will be returned.
    The third reason why money does not come to the Qiwi wallet can be a regular account lockout. In this regard, another question arises, why have your account been blocked? And there can be many reasons: from the use of unreliable resources, to the operator’s error. Will not be considered, this is the topic of a separate article.
    The fourth reason - the limit on the balance is exceeded. The fact is that the Qiwi system establishes restrictions on financial transactions for unidentified users. If you have the “Minimum” status (issued to everyone upon registration), then your balance balance limit is 15 thousand rubles. And if, for example, 14,700 rubles are on your account, and you added another 1,000, then it is hardly worth asking the question why money does not come to Qiwi. The account balance limit is exceeded, this is obvious. To remove restrictions, it is necessary to increase the status to “Standard” or “Maximum”.
    There is another reason that does not depend on the Qiwi system, or on you personally - fraud. Could such a situation happen when they tell you that they sent money to a virtual wallet to pay for the goods, for example, but in fact the payment was not made? There are quite a few scammers on how to trick too gullible users. Fortunately, you can check the status of the transaction on the Qiwi website, if it doesn’t help, please contact support.

Contact Support

 Contacting support is the only way to solve the problem, therefore, we will consider step-by-step instructions for creating a “ticket”. The better the application will be filled out, with the obligatory indication of the reason, such as what to do if the money did not come to the Qiwi wallet and there is no check, and the better you describe the situation and attach more documents, provide evidence and evidence, the sooner they will be able to help you . So, we offer a procedure for contacting support if you use a terminal with the condition that you do not have a check:

    First of all, go to your personal account on the Qiwi website.
    We are looking for the appropriate section "Contact Support".
    We choose what issue we want to contact: Qiwi terminals, security service or Visa Qiwi Wallet. In our case, you need to select the "Qiwi Terminals".
    There are three points to choose from: problems with the transfer through the terminal with a receipt, without a receipt and erroneous payment.
    Further, in order to get an answer to the question of what to do if money for a Qiwi wallet has not arrived, you need to choose between points with or without a receipt. In our case, there is no receipt.
    After selection, the application page opens in the window where you need to indicate: date when the payment was made, approximate time of the transfer, account number (aka mobile phone number), terminal (indicate the place where it is located), also indicate the service provider, size payment, make an accurate description of the incident and indicate the email address and contact phone number.
    Then we press the “send” button and wait for an answer that should come within a few hours, or maybe earlier, depending on the load on the system.

Instructions on what to do if money did not come to Qiwi would not be complete if we had not considered the process of creating an application for support with the condition of having a check. Procedure:

    The first four points go through the list above and go to the fifth point.
    We select the section "problem with payment through the terminal, but there is a receipt."
    On the application page you must indicate: the terminal that was used to transfer funds, date, account number (aka phone number), you must specify the transaction code, payment amount (optional), a full and accurate description of the situation, an electronic copy of the receipt (scan, screenshot), contact details.
    You can ask an additional question in the description - how quickly money comes to Qiwi, and why in your case the payment was delayed?
    We confirm the creation of the application by pressing the "send" button, and wait for an answer.

As for the wait time, the response speed depends on many factors. First of all, the workload of the system, or a large number of accumulated applications. That happens. For example, if some system stops working, it is logical to assume that customers using a non-working function will have problems with financial transactions, which increases the number of calls to the support service.

However, you will receive an answer to the question, what to do if the money did not come to the Qiwi account? You may have to wait a few hours, in some cases, a day or two.

As practice shows, any question related to problematic financial transactions, first of all, must be asked to the support service. Employees are required to consider each application submitted by customers. The main thing is that the "ticket" was compiled according to the rules of the system.

Remember, you have a legal right to return lost funds and this right is prescribed in the Law of the Russian Federation. Do not let the situations when the money simply disappeared or hangs somewhere, seek active support services, write applications, and in extreme cases, contact law enforcement agencies, especially if the price of the issue is high. Now you know what to do if money did not come to Qiwi.