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What to do if money has not arrived to Yandex.Money?

Many Russian Internet users transfer funds daily using the Yandex.Money system. Operations are usually clear and fast. Therefore, sometimes people get lost and do not know what to do if the money sent has not arrived at the Yandex.Money account. We will try to figure out why this can happen, and what measures should be taken to correct the situation.
Possible reasons

 Among the main reasons for a delay in the transfer of funds, the most common ones can be distinguished:

    An error in the recipients details.
    Exceeding the limit on the balance of funds.
    Terminal problems.
    System server malfunctions.

First of all, it is important to understand that money cannot simply disappear, sink into a "black hole". They will definitely be somewhere along the way. Therefore, if the money is not received on time to the Yandex.Money account, the users task will be to find out their location as soon as possible and speed up the delivery process.

Error in details

 Most often, the reason for the “loss” of funds is an error made when typing the recipients details. Therefore, if the money is delayed beyond the prescribed time, the first step is to check the correctness of the account number to which the transfer was sent.

If you accidentally mixed up the numbers and sent money to another recipient, then immediately contact Yandex technical support. It is imperative to keep the payment terminal receipt until the money arrives at the Yandex wallet.

If you contact us promptly, while the recipient has not had time to spend or withdraw money from the account, the support staff will be able to solve the problem and credit the transfer using the correct details. However, you will definitely need to prove that you are the money sender. Therefore, the terminal receipt should be kept until you are sure that the transfer has been received. Usually, technical support requires you to provide a scan of it to confirm the transfer of funds. If you made a transaction through your personal account on the site, then you will not need to provide evidence, all information will automatically become available to service employees.

Exceeding the limit

 Another reason why money does not come to your Yandex.Money account for a long time is the balance of funds established by the system for some types of wallets. Very low limits are set for unidentified users, so Yandex will not be able to credit funds to the account if the total amount exceeds the maximum allowable limit.

In this case, the money will be frozen in the transit account until the wallet is free by withdrawing money or making payments.

Terminal problems

 But what to do if everything is in order with the requisites and the limit, but the money still does not come to the Yandex.Money account? If you made a top-up through the terminal, then, first of all, you need to contact the company servicing this device. The contact details of the support service must be indicated on the check. Contact the companys employees and ask them to clarify the location of your funds.

In most cases, the problem can be solved over the phone, and within one or two hours the error is fixed. If you are informed that the money has gone, then you should contact the Yandex technical support service and describe the situation in detail, specifying the time and amount of the transfer, the sending company.

Server crashes

 What to do if the money has not arrived to the Yandex wallet? Be sure to contact technical support. It is possible that as a result of a failure on the system server, some transaction was not completed. However, in any case, funds within the system cannot be lost. Most likely, they are hanging on a transit account and are waiting for the operators to find out their purpose. If you turn to the service specialists, then the solution to this issue can be significantly accelerated.

The support service works around the clock, seven days a week and holidays. And you can contact it both using a special form on the official website, and by calling the number indicated next to it.

In order to find out why the money sent to Yandex.Money did not come, you need to save and provide documents confirming the transfer, otherwise the technical support service may refuse to help you.