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Why are foreign payment systems better than ours?

Чем зарубежные платежные системы лучше наших?

To make purchases in foreign online stores and at auctions, you often have to register with foreign payment services. Therefore, users may have a question, which foreign payment systems are better and why? In this article, we will analyze the advantages of the worlds most popular electronic payment services to make it easier for Internet users to choose the most convenient one for themselves.



PayPal is the undisputed world leader in electronic payments. It demonstrates dynamic development, high reliability and customer care. For this reason, more than 160 million people from more than two hundred countries of the world use the service. The services payment instruments include 26 types of currencies, including the most popular American dollars, pounds sterling, rubles.

To understand why this foreign payment system is better, let us note its main advantages:

Very high transaction speed.
Simple and intuitive interface with a choice of language, including Russian.
Profitable commissions.
Maximum degree of protection.
Widespread and support throughout the world, including in the CIS countries.
A large volume of transactions, in 2014 every tenth dollar transferred was carried out through the PayPal service.
Merchant monitoring to ensure transaction reliability.
Integration into the eBay auction payment system.
Powerful technical support.
Automatic currency conversion.
The ability to conduct transactions using mobile devices.
To answer the question of whether foreign payment systems are better than domestic ones, it should also be noted that this service has a very significant drawback. This is the impossibility of withdrawing funds by Russian users from an account on the service to their bank account. This circumstance forces clients to look for reliable exchange services that can help with the withdrawal of money. True, such a feature of the service does not bother those users who raise money solely to buy a certain product.

Another feature of this resource is a slightly undervalued ruble against the US dollar and a fairly high percentage of the commission.

Is it possible to say that foreign payment system PayPal is better than domestic payment services? A positive answer will be given by those users who use this system outside the country. However, its application in Russia can create a number of inconveniences for customers.



The E-gold system has already been working for twenty years. It is guaranteed by banks in Switzerland and the United States, which confirms the reliability and safety of the transactions. A distinctive feature of this service is the physical provision of funds. The entire internal currency of the system is tied to the rate of gold and precious metals such as platinum and silver.

Lets get acquainted with the advantages of this service in order to understand the better this foreign payment system.

User privacy. The ability to open an account without providing personal data allows you to make confidential transactions.
Internationality. A client of the service can be a citizen of any country in the world.
Simplicity and affordability. The service does not require installation of special programs. A very clear interface is not difficult even for inexperienced users.
Versatility. The possibility of carrying out various financial transactions is provided.
An affiliate program for additional earnings allows you to attract referrals and receive income from their transactions.
User accounts of this service are protected from legal attacks.
In order to understand whether the foreign payment system E-gold is superior to its counterparts, you need to learn about its shortcomings.

The service charges a monthly fee for keeping funds in the account.
A commission of 1% of the amount is charged for each transfer.


The Panamanian e-Bullion payment service is very popular in Western countries. It, like E-gold, is based on the provision of precious metals.

In addition, this resource has a number of other advantages, among which the following can be distinguished:

Free registration on the resource for a resident of any country in the world.
There is no verification procedure, it is enough to indicate the address of residence and telephone number.
No commission for transfers within the system.
Free storage of funds in the account.
However, speaking about the better foreign payment system e-Bullion is, it is necessary to mention its disadvantages.

There is no affiliate program on the resource that would give an opportunity for additional earnings.
For monthly maintenance of the account, the client is charged an amount equivalent to 0.33 grams of gold. With the growth of quotations of precious metals, which has been observed recently, the amount of commission increases accordingly. For this reason, the service is not very popular among Russian users.
Big commission for deleting an account.

Summing up

After we have familiarized ourselves with the advantages and disadvantages of the worlds most popular payment services, we can conclude whether foreign payment systems are better than domestic ones.

The general advantages of overseas services include:

Ease of use.
Reliability and safety of money transfers
High speed of transactions.
Widespread prevalence.
Before deciding to register with a payment service, the user should prioritize which property of the payment system is most relevant for him: the speed of the operation, the amount of commission or the range of available financial instruments.

It should be understood that Russian users can register on foreign services not only for the reason that foreign payment systems are better than domestic ones. Considering that it is possible to make purchases on some foreign resources only with the help of foreign services, many Russian users are simply forced to register on such resources.

The development of the electronic money market forces the developers of all global payment services to continuously improve the systems in order to fully satisfy the needs of users. Therefore, in the near future, Russian and foreign payment systems will be able to match in their functionality and characteristics.