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Why is the Kassir.net payment system interesting?

The Kassir.net payment system is one of the few Russian electronic payment services created to improve the methods of payment for utilities and other services, giving them a simplified form. The system was created back in 2006 in St. Petersburg, but the first few years of its existence, the service was not known. A few years later, the companys management decided to bring the service to the top five in Russia and the post-Soviet countries.

Against the background of the active development of e-commerce in Russia, new companies and services are constantly appearing that work exclusively in the virtual space. All users of "Runet" are familiar with the leaders of the electronic payments market - WebMoney and Qiwi, but the Kassir.net payment system is known only locally. The owners of the service expect to take the system to a leading position in Russia in the near future, so it is worth getting to know it better.

Payment system Kassir.net: service features
Someone may ask, why use a little-known payment system if there are giants like WebMoney or Qiwi? After all, these services together provide many opportunities for working with electronic money, why do we need the Kassir.net system? To understand why an actively developing service is needed, first you need to consider its features and benefits that the client receives. So, the features of Kassir.net:

An unusual partnership system, where both partners (online stores, housing and communal services, Internet and TV providers) and dealers play an important role, acting as intermediaries between the system and the retailer.
A huge list of services that can be paid online.
The system provides for the function of lending on acceptable terms.
Tariffs and commissions are much more profitable than those of competitors.
The system is supported by most terminals in the country.
Initially, the resource was conceived as a service where you can pay for utilities and other services, and therefore direct cooperation with housing and communal services, various companies and Internet providers was established. Today, the Kassir.net payment system is expanding the list of opportunities for customers, developing other areas of electronic payments.

It is believed that the main features of the system are low commissions and reasonable rates. Its no secret that payment systems known to everyone can change their pricing policy as the service develops, increasing commissions for financial transactions, which negatively affects the number of customers. A striking example of this is the Yandex.Money system, which raised commissions to 2-3%, and in some areas even to 5%, which provoked the immigration of users to other, more profitable resources.

The Kassir.net payment system in this sense is now in an advantageous position. Firstly, everyone likes low rates for financial transactions, therefore, we can safely expect an increase in the flow of new customers. Secondly, the number of available payment services is really impressive. At the moment, the system is being actively implemented in the regions, establishing partnerships with local companies and utilities. Thirdly, people like new and unusual things, and the Kassir.net payment system fully meets these criteria.

Payment system Kassir.net: registration and service capabilities
It is very easy to become a client of the Kassir.net system. It is enough to have a mobile phone. Lets consider the order of registration on the service:

On the registration page, a phone number and a confirmation code (captcha) are entered in the appropriate fields.
After confirmation, an SMS message with a temporary password is sent to the specified number.
Using the phone number and a temporary password, enter the system and set your password in your personal account.
Next, you need to fill out a form, providing personal data, email address and additional information.
An electronic wallet is created automatically, therefore, immediately after registration, you can use the system to pay for services.
As you can see, the registration process is quite simple, and this is another feature of the Kassir.net system.

It was already mentioned above that the work of the service is focused mainly on paying for services. But the main feature of the system is local cooperation with companies and organizations. What does this mean for the average user? This is, first of all, the ability to pay for utilities, for example, in your city. While well-known payment systems operate on a large scale, Kassir.net is focused on local retailers, which makes the service more attractive to ordinary people.

Consider the list of services offered by the system:

Mobile connection. Clients of the system can pay for mobile communications of such operators as Skylink, Megafon, TELE2, Beeline, Yota cellular communications and MTS.
Another feature of Kassir.net is that the system cooperates with all Internet providers in the country. Let it be a small company operating in the Siberian District, or a large provider like MTS, for example. The list includes over 100 Internet providers.
Also, using the service, you can pay for home phone services.
Communal payments. In this section, the client has access to many organizations, divided according to districts and settlements.
Also, the client can pay for digital television, the list of provider companies is very large.
It is interesting that the company is only developing cooperation with retail outlets, gradually increasing the list of opportunities for its customers. Nevertheless, the main advantage of the Kassir.net system is the ability to pay for services profitably and in a simplified form. This is the right way of development, since it makes no sense to compete with leading payment systems in the direction of the possibility of paying for goods. The WebMoney system has long occupied a trading niche, and its clients are unlikely to switch to Kassir.net, even if the terms of cooperation are better. Therefore, the owners of the Kassir.net system expect to occupy the niche of payment for various services, and become the market leader in this direction.