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What are the advantages of virtual cards that represent payment systems?

Today is hype around electronic payment systems is due to the fact that virtual money gives people more options than conventional fiduciary banknotes. Using e-currency is easy, convenient and, importantly, profitable. A complete rejection of paper money, according to some financial experts, is a matter of the next 15-20 years.

A virtual plastic card is issued today by almost all electronic payment services, including foreign resources such as PayPal, Perfect Money and Payeer. What is it and what are the differences between a virtual plastic card and ordinary plastic counterparts?

Virtual plastic card: features and benefits
Statistics say that every second resident of Russia has a bank card, so the owners are familiar with their functions and capabilities. But the virtual card is something new, little-known. Indeed, Russian payment systems only a few years ago launched the issue of virtual cards Visa and MasterCard, which became a kind of breakthrough in the financial market.

Some distinction needs to be made first. Payment systems can issue virtual cards that can be used to pay exclusively on the Internet. And plastic cards, which have a set of functions of conventional bank payment instruments, plus additional features, which we will talk about below.

The best virtual cards are, of course, issued by well-known payment systems. The main difference between virtual plastic cards and bank counterparts is the link to an electronic wallet. For example, if you order a virtual card in the WebMoney system, the user receives a full-fledged payment instrument with the same characteristics as bank cards, and access to his electronic wallet through a plastic carrier. The balance of the card fully corresponds to the amount on the electronic wallet. This gives the owners of such cards some advantages:

Working with electronic wallets without Internet access.
Instant withdrawal of funds to the card without commission (similar conditions are supported by most payment systems).
The virtual plastic card is supported by international payment systems Visa and MasterCard, which allows you to withdraw money in any country.
The card is not tied to a specific country, so all financial transactions will bypass banks. For example, if a Russian citizen orders a virtual card from Payeer, then all transfers will be made directly from the systems electronic wallet to the card. When withdrawing funds, the commission is charged by the bank that owns the ATM.
Increased transaction security is provided by the function of payment confirmation using a mobile phone.
It is easy to create a plastic virtual card, just fill out the form on the website of the payment system.

Virtual plastic card from WebMoney
The WebMoney system, as the leader of the Russian electronic currency market, offers customers the following payment instruments:

Visa Virtual and MasterCard Virtual are tools you can use to pay online. They do not have a physical form, and all data about them is communicated to the client either by e-mail or to a mobile number. These cards were created for even greater security of online shopping.
Other plastic virtual cards: PaySpark (EUR or USD) from MasterCard and China UnionPay payment systems, MyChoise cards (EUR or USD) from Visa, and Payoneer USD from MasterCard.
You can create a virtual plastic card by going through a simple process of filling out an application. Procedure:

Enter the corresponding section.
Selecting the card you want to receive.
Filling out a questionnaire, where all the data about the client is entered. It is important that the information in the application form must match the one that was entered during registration and obtaining a passport.
The system does not charge a fee for issuing the card, the only payment that the recipient will have to pay is the postal company.
How profitable is it to use virtual cards from WebMoney? It is extremely beneficial, because the cardholder receives a currency card in dollars or euros. In addition, these cards can be used to pay in any country.

Virtual plastic card from Qiwi
The Qiwi system also offers a virtual plastic card called QIWI Visa Plastic. To order a card, you first need to go through the identification procedure by sending several scans of documents for data verification.

The card itself, in addition to the standard set of features, is also linked to an electronic wallet, which allows the cardholder to use virtual currency without having access to the Internet. Advantages of the card from the Qiwi system:

Unlimited free card service.
Enhanced security when shopping online.
You can pay in shops, restaurants, bars and other establishments that support the Visa payment system.
Withdrawal of funds via ATM anywhere in the world.
Also, by creating a virtual plastic card, the client gets full control over it. If ordinary cards are controlled by the issuing bank, then decisions on blocking or changing the PIN are made by the cardholder.
Card replenishment is possible through ATMs, terminals, online payments, bank transfers, transactions from other cards and accounts.
It is noteworthy that the number of users who ordered the card is constantly growing. This means that there is a demand for such payment instruments, therefore the system will continue to develop regardless of the banking sector.

Virtual plastic card from the Payeer system
For citizens of Russia, and residents of another 200 countries, recently it became possible to order the best virtual card from Payeer. Until recently, it was impossible to directly withdraw money from foreign payment systems, since there were no corresponding agreements with Russian banks. By the way, they still do not exist, because foreign electronic payment services have taken a different path: why use a bank as an intermediary? You can do without it.

Armed with this idea, foreign payment systems began issuing virtual plastic cards available to almost everyone. The Payeer system also issues its own card, which has the following features:

The card is available to residents of over 200 countries.
Card issuance is free.
Card activation and maintenance are also free.
Offline purchases, like online purchases, are free of commission.
When withdrawing cash, a 0% interest is charged, that is, free of charge. The ATM takes the commission.
As you can see, the Payeer Platinum MasterCard is the best visual plastic card today.