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Was there a real Satoshi Nakamoto?

А существовал ли реальный Сатоши Накамото?

The history of mankind is rich in secrets. Undisclosed mysterious phenomena, unsolved secrets, unidentified persons continue to excite the inquisitive minds of researchers, and sometimes just curious individuals of the human race.

As a rule, in every sphere of activity of modern mankind there are secrets and anonyms. The ecosystem of cryptocurrencies and, in particular, Bitcoin, whose creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, is a kind of John Doe, is no exception to the general rules. The search for the world-famous anonymous author has so far been unsuccessful.

Without a doubt, even among people working on the Internet, you can find those who have not heard of Satoshi Nakamoto. But among users who have even the slightest relation to cryptocurrencies, this name is well known. After all, this is the name or so it is customary to call the creator of the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin. True, this is only one version, and according to the second, this is the nickname of the team that invented and developed Bitcoin, and the financial phenomenon of our time has not been fully studied. Which of these versions corresponds to the truth, no one knows.


How did it all start?

For the first time, an article published at the turn of 2008 and 2009, that is, December 31, was signed with the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. It was called "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System". We chose a mailing list in the heading containing materials related to cryptography as a place for its placement.

The article talked about Satoshi Nakamoto, who developed a new type of virtual currency and a money transfer system of the same name, and gave a detailed description of them. It was called "Bitcoin" and had two main characteristics

there was no centralized control in the system;
subscribers were able to transfer money individually without resorting to intermediary services;
the coins themselves, generated using complex mathematical calculations, existed on the Internet without material embodiment.
Immediately after the appearance of the first version of the Bitcoin wallet, the Bitcoin network was launched.

Almost immediately, the P2P Foundation website published information that interested people who are not indifferent to this kind of news. It followed that Satoshi Nakamoto permanently resides in Japan. His age does not exceed 37 years. Like a stone thrown into water, this information caused a lot of controversy and talk.

A large number of versions have appeared as to how reliable this information about the name and biographical information is. Doubt the published data, caused some discrepancies:

to express his thoughts, Nakamoto used almost perfect English. And this is not at all typical for the true Japanese;
there is no version in which the software adapts to Japanese.

One of the attempts to reveal the secret of Satoshi Nakamoto

According to one of the versions widely discussed on the Internet, Craig Wright is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. This is the name of an entrepreneur living in Australia. They have already made one attempt to occupy the empty "throne" of the creator of Bitcoin, but it was not crowned with success. Wright not only failed to gain recognition, but he was also branded as a forger. This was due to the fact that all the evidence presented to him, the experts recognized as fake.

But Wrights personality is quite suitable for Satoshi Nakamoto:

he is professionally engaged in developments related to computer security;
holds degrees in law and finance;
owns a thriving business represented by several significant companies;
for a long time he has been interested in everything connected with Japan, its cultural peculiarities and history.

All these pros were easily outweighed by one data falsification scandal. And it would seem that on this, Mr. Wright, it was worth on the throne to put an end to the dream of the throne. However, he again forced to talk about himself.


Is he or not he - that is the question?

So Craig Wright again raised the question of his identity with Satoshi Nakamoto. To prove this statement, he sends a meeting offer to his fellow in the workshop, with whom he worked on the creation of a cryptocurrency. His name is Gavin Andresen. At the same time, Wright assures a colleague that he has incontestable evidence confirming his identification with Satoshi Nakamoto.

However, Andresen rejects the first proposal under the impression of a previous failure. After a while, for some unknown reason, he surrenders to Wrights urgent requests and comes to meet him. One of the hotels in London was chosen for the meeting. To avoid doubts about the purity of the demonstrated test, a new computer was purchased in a package from the manufacturer. The evidence presented by Wright appeared to be so compelling that Mr. Andresen believed his claims to be the progenitor of Bitcoin.

And the further development of events was so unexpected that it defies any logic. Wright went out to the public and performed a test demonstration. However, this was not at all what Andresen had shown before. Corresponding was the result of the demonstration, which was, to put it mildly, negative, if not disastrous. Why did Wright do this, changing his mind at the last moment to reveal his secret?

Nobody could answer these questions. Andresen suggested the following version:

firstly, in fact, Wright wanted to be recognized as the author of such a unique invention of a global financial scale;
secondly, he suddenly realized that this glory would over-strain him and force him to continuously be in a state of heightened emotionality. This he clearly did not want.

What Wright himself says about it

Wright himself speaks of his unwillingness to be in the focus of world attention. It is for this reason that they have been hiding the authorship of Bitcoins for so long. He expresses regret that he could not restrain himself and revealed a secret that he had kept for many years. His message contains words of gratitude to those who worked with him on the invention of the first world cryptocurrency.

How true everything that Wright says is true, no one knows for sure except himself. But I want to believe that sooner or later all the secret will come true and we will be lucky to find out the true truth.