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How to get whole bitcoin for free?

Making money online is one of the most pressing issues. For most users, 1 Bitcoin is of the greatest interest, because the cost of this currency is very high. There are many ways to generate income using cryptocurrency, but mining continues to be the main one. Although, with the implementation of a competent approach, good earnings can be brought by faucets (faucets), exchangers and other online resources. In general, the approach to obtaining cryptocurrency is no different from other ways of earning. The exception is mining, since it is impossible to independently issue other currencies at home, at least without breaking the law. Let is consider 10 ways to make money on Bitcoins, which are popular and do not disagree with legal regulations.

Method one: mining at home

 To begin with, it should be noted that all methods of mining cryptocurrency using home computers, and even more so mobile devices, have long lost their meaning.

For several years now, miners have been using specialized high power ASIC hardware. Modern models of these devices are several times higher than the performance of video cards. When buying, you need to focus on powerful devices that cost thousands of dollars. Of course, it is impossible to get 1 Bitcoin right now in this way. As evidenced by the reviews of miners, the equipment pays for itself and brings tangible income over time.

Method two: cloud mining

 Working with cloud services is different from mining at home, but requires investments that are proportional to income. Many services give bonuses to customers only for registration, for example, HashOcean guarantees 15 KH / s, which will allow you to earn a few cents a month. If we talk about serious income that allows you to get 1 Bitcoin right now, that is, within one day, you need large investments and the purchase of TH. It is recommended to test the system before starting work. In theory, cloud mining will generate constant income and require significantly less investment than mining cryptocurrency on ASIC devices at home.

The third way: working on exchanges

 There are many financial instruments on the market that allow you to make good money. Stocks, futures, options, currencies - all of this is a large market in which millions of people work. Considering 10 ways aimed at how to make money on Bitcoins, one should not forget about exchanges. The peculiarity of trading is that the value of Bitcoin is very difficult to predict. If the Internet provides information about the future growth of the course, then there will certainly be articles that completely refute the previous ones. The value of the dollar can be predicted by tying it to other material objects and based on the political situation. In turn, cryptocurrency has no constraints. But this does not mean that it is difficult to make money on Bitcoin. The largest exchanges Kraken, BTCChina and others offer clear trading conditions. Everyone has the opportunity to get 1 Bitcoin on trading, but this requires a large investment.

It should not be forgotten that currency speculation, despite the profitability, is fraught with huge risks and it is highly likely that, instead of making money, every trader has a chance to be left with nothing.

Working with cranes: income without investment

 Many users know the way to earn Bitcoin with the help of sites that give out cryptocurrency. The principle of generating income is reduced to periodically visiting the site, entering a captcha or playing a game. For this, a small amount of satoshi is credited to the users account. As a rule, it rarely exceeds 400, 500 crypto cents. For example, one of the most popular Free-Bitcoin faucets allows you to receive about 340 Satoshi every hour, which corresponds to 0.00000340 Bitcoins.

We receive 1 Bitcoin per day using referrals

 In fact, the amount of income on faucets is minimal, and even with the round-the-clock introduction of captchas, you can get a penny on dozens of resources. But it is this method that fully answers the question of how to earn 1 Bitcoin per day without investments, of course, if you do not count the time spent. The principle of operation is very simple and it consists in recruiting and connecting referrals. To do this, it is enough to connect 10,000 people through referral links (approximate calculation), who will work daily. With an increase in the number of referrals, income will grow.

Fifth way. Doublers: how to get 1 Bitcoin absolutely free

 This way of earning income is risky, and the probability of being left without funds is very high. The principle of making money comes down to placing Bitcoins on third-party resources that offer a high percentage. Most newbies invest in high-yield projects and most often end up losing. Professionals recommend using projects that offer a low level of profit - about 3%. It is easy to calculate how to get 1 Bitcoin for free in such a project ... Although, this is very difficult to do. You need to invest about 30-40 Bitcoins in it. It is recommended to use resources that are recently on the market. Moreover, the funds received should be withdrawn immediately.

In fact, all doublers, HYIPs and other similar projects operate on the pyramid principle. They pay money as long as new users are attracted to the system. As soon as the flow of clients ceases, the exchange shuts down its activities, and the money is not returned to depositors.

There are also investment projects on the market that offer lower interest rates, but guarantee their return. The principle of their activity is similar to that of banks. At the same time, the feasibility of such programs is also questionable, since you can get 1 Bitcoin per day for free when placing hundreds or even thousands of cryptocurrency units. At the same time, there is also a risk of being left without a deposit.

Surfing and viewing emails

 Making money surfing is one of the oldest ways to promote sites and pages on the global network. Currently, many foreign portals offer to earn Bitcoin in this way. As with the use of cranes, the user should not expect to receive a large income. So, on one site it is hardly possible to earn more than 10-20 thousand satoshi. To increase income, you must use a referral link. Attracting new users can be carried out through forums, own sites and social networks. Therefore, for people who are interested in how to make money on Bitcoin in 10 possible ways, it is worth paying attention to surfing.

Seventh way: gambling

Today, few casinos offer slot machines, roulette, poker and other types of entertainment for Bitcoins. In most cases, virtual establishments accept traditional currency. However, some foreign online gambling houses accept cryptocurrency as bets and pay out monetary rewards in Bitcoin.

Some taps offer the same possibilities. For example, FreeBitcoin holds draws around the clock. This method of generating income is quite specific and has become widespread only in certain circles. But, it is he who allows you to earn 1 Bitcoin per day without investment, as it is simple.

In order to get a real win, it is recommended to use the method that is known in the casino as "red and black" (Martingale strategy). The principle boils down to constantly doubling the rate. Sooner or later, the winnings will definitely be received. At the same time, it is very important to have a supply of Bitcoins, because it is not known how long it will take to double the amount. There are a lot of cranes that offer gambling, and this way you can get not a whole bitcoin, but much more.

Buying Bitcoin for its subsequent sale

 Many people are interested in the question of how to get 1 Bitcoin for free in the shortest possible time? If you believe the forecasts of experts, then within a year, the most popular cryptocurrency will rise in price to 5 thousand dollars. By investing money today, tomorrow you can get 2 times more. This is one of the simplest, but rather risky ways, which, unfortunately, is impossible without start-up capital.

Ninth way: making money on bots

 Today, the network offers many special programs that automatically collect cryptocurrency from faucets. In most cases, collectors are offered for a fee. Moreover, a significant part of such programs work for a short time. According to the comments of users, it is impossible to earn 1 Bitcoin per day in this way, but income is generated without investments in automatic mode. Such programs work with different taps. Sometimes the number of faucets can reach several dozen. In addition to Bitcoin, they can collect other types of cryptocurrencies, and sometimes all together.

Method ten: games

 Games can bring the user several thousand Satoshi per day. If you connect referrals to the system, you can get a very tangible income. Online games are hugely popular. Tens of millions of people around the world play them every day. Therefore, the relevance of this technique is beyond doubt.

There are many ways to earn 1 Bitcoin, although none of them is easy. A person who has set a goal to get a cryptocurrency should focus on one technique, work actively and the result will certainly be positive.