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1 satoshi

1 сатоши

More recently, the mention of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has generated interest as something unseen and unheard of. Now more and more people not only know what it is, but also boldly use it. They know its history and that 1 Satoshi represents its indivisible particle. When the creators of Bitcoin decided on the limit for issuing digital currency of 21 million, questions arose how it could gain popularity with such a limited volume. As a result, it was decided to split each Bitcoin into 100 million pieces and name the bargaining chip after the creator of the worlds first cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto. Rumor has it that this is not a real name, but only a pseudonym. About 8 years have passed, but the secret has not been revealed. This gives a certain mystery, intrigues and fuels interest in alternative currencies and can be considered a successful marketing (advertising) move by a brilliant programmer anonymous.


Satoshis bargaining chip: cost calculation algorithm

The cost of Bitcoins is usually considered relative to the dollar rate, although its price can be determined in another currency. Many are interested in how much 1 satoshi will cost in dollars or rubles.

Digital money is not just an invention, it is a phenomenon that has turned the idea of the world of money upside down. The new currency is capable of performing all the functions of traditional money, except that it cannot be picked up and put into a regular wallet. Every day there are more and more opportunities for its use: new virtual outlets are opening, where Bitcoin is included in the list of settlement currencies. It is also an excellent investment product due to its high value in relation to the dollar.

How to calculate how much 1 satoshi is worth? Given that it makes up the 100 millionth part of Bitcoin, the following action should be taken:

1 (Bitcoin) equals 100,000,000 Satoshi. That is, satoshi, or cryptocentre, as it is colloquially called, is 0.00000001 Bitcoin. The resulting anagram can be used in subsequent calculations. People are used to the fact that ordinary currency, for example, with a denomination of 1 dollar, ruble or hryvnia, is divided into 100 parts - these are cents or kopecks. However, Bitcoin has a clear difference in this respect, having exactly a million times more changeable coins. That is why there was a need to figure out what is the algorithm for settlements between change coins and how much is 1 satoshi in relation to different currencies.


How many dollars are there in 1 satoshi?

As you know, one change coin is 0.00000001 Bitcoin - this is one original element. The second is the Bitcoin to US dollar ratio. As of June 25, 2016, the rate is about $ 650. With a simple action, you can get the desired result:

650 / 100,000,000 = 0.0000065 dollars.

You can also calculate how many dollars there are in 1000 or 10,000 satoshi:

650 / 100,000 = 0.0065 dollars in 1 thousand satoshi.

650/100 = 6.5 dollars in 1 million satoshi.

Such calculations are needed not for idle curiosity, to know how many dollars in 1 or several thousand satoshi will be useful to those who are engaged in their earnings.

For example, a user decided to make money on Bitcoin faucets, where at certain intervals several thousand Satoshi drips to the account. Having an idea of how much it will be in relation to the dollar, it will be easier for a person to understand how small or large his income is. Based on its size, one can draw conclusions about how effective the crane is, if it gives meager income, it is worth looking for a more profitable way to earn money. There are thousands of options on the Internet, these can be generators, bots, rotators, Bitcoin lotteries, games.

Using the presented algorithm, you can calculate how much 1 satoshi costs in dollars at any time, taking into account the real exchange rate against the dollar, which often changes.

There are simpler ways to calculate on the Internet, and many resources offer online calculators. Such services can greatly simplify the counting process. Depending on the aim pursued, you can use such an offer. However, if, for example, for stock speculations it is necessary to control the situation every minute, it is better to do the calculations manually. After all, information on online calculators is updated no more than once a day.

The essence of Satoshi earning

Having dealt with the method of calculating the rate of 1 satoshi in relation to the dollar, in a similar way, you can calculate the cost of crypto coins to other currencies. At first, it is difficult to navigate in the numerous zeros, but over time, even the most ignorant person in such a matter will be able to adapt. With practice, skills will come that will allow you to instantly determine the exact amount of Satoshi equivalent to other currencies.

To earn one Bitcoin, you need to collect 100 million Satoshi. This figure scares many people, raises doubts and even repels. The existence of conflicting judgments on this matter can be found in the reviews posted on thematic forums. After learning how much 1 satoshi costs in dollars, some users made very disappointing predictions. They calculated that it takes many years to earn a few Bitcoins. Such people are characterized by skepticism, they are prone to hasty conclusions, they are possessed by a lack of faith in success. Of course, if you turn on one of the weakest Bitcoin faucets and hope for a tangible result, you can never wait for it.

Considering how much 1 satoshi costs in dollars, the high volatility of Bitcoin, you can try to make money on cryptocurrency exchanges. Traders who speculate in this digital currency have substantial amounts of Bitcoin in their wallets and earn decent profits by successfully speculating on the cryptocurrency rate surges. It is the most successful asset and is relatively easy to predict. As you know, this currency has established itself as the most promising on a global scale.